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1:40am, calling New Zealand

It’s 1:40am and I just got off the phone. I’ve been calling like a madwoman trying to figure out Chris’ travel arrangements. After getting his flight re-routed to Indy, he got into Chi-town and caught a flight to LA. Before he flew out he was able to call the airline, who positively assured him that he would not be able to get a flight out that night. So, he had me email the secretary at the university in New Zealand, making them aware of the situation. I emailed her, and she was very understanding. She emailed me a little bit later, telling me that she’d amended his hotel reservation, having him in check-in a day later than originally scheduled. No big deal.

Until Chris calls me at 12:50am, all happy (and rightfully so) about getting a last-minute flight out of LA (it was 9:50pm there). So I tell him that, uh, well… you won’t have a hotel room when you get there. Minor panic. I told him not to worry – I’d take care of it.

So, I email the secretary again, only realizing that it’s 5pm there after I hit the “send” button. So, I quick buy a calling card online and decide to just call the hotel myself. After about 20 minutes, multiple threats issued by me against my phone, and some not-so-nice thoughts running through my mind, I get through. Hooray! Only I end up being passed from person to person, finally ending up with the manager who tells me that he’ll be able to help me. He get’s Chris’ name, and… the phone goes dead. Aughhh!!! I quick grab the charger and start plugging in numbers again, trying desperately to remember what combination I had used that had ultimately gotten me to the right place. I finally get back in touch with “Marlie” and get the whole thing straightened out. I call Chris to tell him the good news, and he tells me how wonderful I am 🙂 Minor crisis averted, all thanks to yours truly! And now, I’m going to crawl back into bed and try to get some sleep!

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7 thoughts on “1:40am, calling New Zealand

  1. Phew! That would have been stressing me out like you wouldn’t believe!! I’m so glad you got it figured out! 🙂

  2. WHEW! I’m glad you got that worked out…sounds stressful!
    And I’m glad to hear you heard from your brother, that’s awesome!!

  3. Jennifer, the multi-tasker and woman of will!!! Your husband had better bring you something back from New Zealand, for all your negotiating and just because 🙂

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