Enjoying his first taste of tea cake with raisins

Christ Church College

Running around in Christ Church Meadow

Things are going well.  We’re settling in and I’m finding my way around Oxford.  I’m enjoying it.  I’ve still been pretty tired.  Most nights, come 7pm, I have very little energy left over.  Thankfully, this is right around the time that Joe goes to bed so it’s OK for me to veg out.  Of course, vegging out means that I really don’t feel like getting on the computer and writing a blog.

Still having issues with the water heater.  Within 4 minutes, the hot shower has turned into an arctic rain.  I’m hoping that it will be sorted soon but I have a feeling that the problem is the way the heater is designed.  It’s supposed to be very efficient.  As much as I appreciate efficiency, I also really appreciate being able to shampoo and condition my hair, wash myself, and shave all while standing under hot water 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Oxford

  1. Oh how I loved these photos! Glad that you arrived there safely but sorry about the icy showers-brrr! What ashame, as I look to my hot bath each night after a long exhausting day! Cheerio 🙂

  2. I spent a couple of months in Oxford and while the British are good at many things they not at designing heaters. We had the same problem (with a brand new heater)…we got used to very short showers 🙂

  3. Joe looks so happy to be running around there! 🙂 So cute! Hope your water heater situation gets taken care of. I can’t imagine only having four minutes! Eek!

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