1st Annual Blogger’s Valentine Card Swap

Happy Tuesday, my lovely readers! I found out from my friend Erika over at e-vents that there’s going to be a cool Valentine’s Day card swap!

April Foster from April Foster Events is hosting it, and I was quick to sign up. If you’re cool like me and want to sign up, here’s what you need to do…
  1. Email April at aprilfoster(at)gmail(dot)com by January 25th
  2. Type “Valentine Card Swap” in the subject line
  3. Include your full name, address, and your website (if you have one)
Once the deadline has passed, April will send you an email with up to 5 names + addresses to which you can send your cards (be sure to have them in the mail no later than February 9th). The valentines should be handmade/homemade, and let me tell you that I am already having fun scouring Etsy for some cute cards 🙂 So hurry on over to April’s blog and sign up!
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