2 Weeks

Here are a few photos of what we’ve been up to during the break…

Enjoying breakfast and working on using a spoon…

Oblivious to the fact that he’s got a monster on his head…

First carousel ride…

Outtakes from photos for British visas… Joe was not happy!

Attempting to keep the water from seeping through our windows while the painters did their power-washing outside…

Just one of many painters on the roof… very ready for them to finish.  Having to leave half of your windows open for the majority of the day makes it really cold in here.

Entry to the toy library we joined last weekend…

Still working on using that spoon!

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  1. Laura says:

    Hey Jenny 🙂

    I’ve missed commenting + reading your blog! I’m not sure why but somedays I find it harder to blog and catch up reading than days in the past when I had LESS time or was more drained bc lack of sleep. Middle of summer and Ryder is out for summer break for his preschool so that could have something to do w it! Whatever the case I’m glad you took a break and I loved the pictures. Kudos on being such a busy bee, work, tending to the needs of your baby, husband, co workers etc.

    Girl if I could figure out how to balance it all I’d have millions ha! It’s always been hard for me and I always feel guilty saying no or not spending enough time in one area or another. Plus it was the same working as it is now that I stay home. I think you seem to do great balancing it all and you are a great Mom!

  2. Lindsay Ward says:

    Looks like we had the same Wednesday night activity…blogging! Glad you are back! We need to get together now that you guys are feeling better!

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