7 Things

I was tagged by the lovely Juli over at Wellington Road {another expat American living the life in New Zealand} to post 7 thing that I like.  I love stuff like this!

  1. Right now, I’m really liking my dark chocolate digestive biscuits.  I may have made menacing noises at Chris when he took one.  He likes to eat his with peanut butter spread on top, which is just weird.
  2. I like my job.  Its definitely crazy sometimes and I still miss my last job, but I like where I’m at 🙂
  3. Same as Julie – I like to run.
  4. And to go along with #3, I really like my treadmill!
  5. I’m kind of mean in this one!  I like that as we’re heading into Spring and Summer, most of my readers are heading into Fall and Winter.  I had to suffer through all of your beach- and vacation-posts while I was freezing in the wet, chilly Auckland weather, so prepare yourselves for some serious pay-back!  And if you’re jealous, just hop on a plane and come visit me!
  6. I like the fact that people in New Zealand stop for a cuppa, as in “cup of tea”.  I’ve started adopting the lingo and instead of saying that I’m going to take my break at work, I say that I’m gonna have a quick cuppa.  Love it!
  7. I’m starting to like tea 🙂

So tell me, my lovely readers – what are some things that you’re liking these days?

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