A Dirty Job Made Dirtier

When you own a dog, there are always ups and downs in your life. They can brighten your day by doing something cute; they can comfort you when you are lonely; or they can ruin your day by puking on your favorite pair of Jeans (I now glare at Tobey as I remember that day of misfortune). In this post, I will relate one of those “downs” in my life.

One of the joys (read: woes) of walking your dogs in an apartment complex is cleaning up after them when they have left certain unmentionable “presents” on the ground. This is a dirty job, which at times is made dirtier by the antics of my furry little friends. (At times, I wonder if they are really worth the hassle. Especially when…well, never mind.) On one particularly noteworthy occasion, I bent down to clean up after Bear only to have Bear kick dirt in my face. Until that moment, I thought Bear really liked me, but at that moment I realized that, to him, I am nothing but a giant treat dispenser.

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