A Little Visit to Albert Park

Now that its warming up over here, I’ve started venturing outside for extended periods of time.  No more hunched over walks while dodging the rain, thank you very much!  We have a rooftop terrace, but the views aren’t that great.

See what I mean?  Not the best views.  So, when its a particularly fine day and I have the time, I like to head over to Albert Park to eat my lunch, drink some water, and relax in the sun by the fountain while reading a book.  And Chris walks through this park just about every day on his way to the office.  Not a bad commute, huh?

Well, except for the first bit.  Auckland is, if nothing else, a city of hills and steps!

There were actually some more steps behind me.  Its handy – this way, if my treadmill ever stops working, I can just run up and down these a few times!

Its not a huge park, but it has plenty of walkways, benches, and green spaces to lay out and recharge your solar batteries 🙂

I feel like I’m in the tropics…

There’s a fountain at the center of the park.  You can often see people sitting around it eating their lunch or reading.  When its really warm out, little children splash their hands and feet in the water.  Its so cute!

It was starting to become quite overcast, and the wind was picking up.  This meant that the spray from the fountain kept coming my way, so I didn’t stick around for much longer.

You can’t see it very well, but that’s a statue of Queen Victoria.

There’s more to it than this – a war memorial, some more statues, a gazebo – but all in all its not very big – just a cute, compact little park where a lot of people like to gather for a midday study break or lunch.  Still,  it has a lot of history {air raid shelters and tunnels were built here during WWII after the attack on Pearl Harbor}.  I consider it to be “our” park because of its proximity, and I really enjoy visiting it!  Thanks for letting me share a little bit more of our New Zealand surroundings with all of you – it truly is a beautiful country!

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