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A Mouse in the House

There’s a mouse in my house.

Here’s the scene:

I’m sitting in my living room Monday night.  It’s late.  Chris is already in bed, but I can’t sleep because of this whole stupid working-the-night-shift thing.  So I’m watching a movie and then I see it – a dark shape skittering over the back of the stove and going into the sink.  Gasp!

I wasn’t sure that it actually was what I thought it was, so I slowly paused the movie and stared, wide-eyed, into the kitchen.  Nothing, but I had to be sure.  I slowly walk over to the sink (which is in the dark, by the way) and peer inside.


I screamed, I threw things, I started hopping on my tip-toes, and the mouse ran back behind the stove!  Augh!  I did the only thing that I could think and grabbed a bottle of cleaning solution and sprayed behind the stove like a mad woman.  Then, I had visions of a dead mouse stinking up the kitchen a few days later and put the bottle down.  I listened.  I waited.  Nothing.  I had to be sure.  I grabbed the flashlight from my kitchen drawer, got down on my hands and knees and looked under the stove.  I didn’t see anything, and then…

Feet, fur, and a tail raced across my line of vision!  Augh!

I started cleaning like crazy.  We do not have a dirty house.  There weren’t crumbs or spills all over the place.  Sure, there were a few dishes soaking in the sink, but they were doused in suds.  But we do live across the street from a giant field.  It’s not surprising that a mouse would find its way into a warm house, but ugh!  I couldn’t stand the thought of having any opened containers of food in the kitchen.  All it took was one mental image of a mouse tail hanging out of a bag of chips or mousey teeth chewing on a bag of bread.  Into the garbage they went!

Chris opened his email the following morning and saw this message from me:

Subject: If you give a mouse a cookie…

…he will come into your house, run along the back of your stove, and hide out in the sink.  Then, when your wife goes to investigate, he’ll JUMP out and run BACK along the stove and HIDE in between it and the wall, causing your wife to shriek, throw things, spray cleaning solution behind the stove, and then become worried that the mouse has died and will start to stink, making her shine a flashlight UNDER the stove, causing her to see MOUSE FEET and a TAIL wiggling, making her scream even more, go into a cleaning frenzy, and start throwing out pretty much every open container of food.  That is why there are 2 big, full trash bags by the door this morning.


Your wife

PS – Please buy 2 mousetraps on your way home from work

Chris bought mousetraps, but they were the kind where the mouse gets stuck to a sticky pad and you have to pull it off.  No way!  He’s going to have to go back tomorrow and get some new ones.  In the meantime, I really, really hope that I don’t see any more furry, fuzzy creatures in my kitchen.  Gross!

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16 thoughts on “A Mouse in the House

  1. Omg..i just had an experience with a mouse this evening. I was in the kitchen making some tea for myself when all of a sudden I turn to cut the water on and a mouse ran over my foot. I dropped everything and ran in the room to my fiancee so fast. Im thinking about going to my step-mothers house for a couple of days.

  2. Last night I was watching tv when all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I see
    a mouse sitting on the livingroom rug. I
    screamed so loud and woke up my hubby.
    He came running inside cause he thought
    something happened to me. He lifted up
    the loveseat and then you see this little
    mouse making a mad dash for the bedroom.
    We looked all over for the mouse. My hubby
    says he will buy the traps. I did not see
    *Fernando* at all today….maybe my
    screaming scared him off lol….

  3. Peppermint oil… not extract, oil. Put a few drops on a cotton ball and put it wherever you saw the mouse. Your kitchen will smell like a peppermint and the oil is so strong that it will keep the mice away for 6 months!!!

    We have the occasional mouse also, it’s usually when the cotton balls need to be replaced!

    PETA friendly and Obi approved!!!

  4. just try having a BIG HUGE mountain of corn from the elevator here piled behind your house. the mice go there until they clean up the pile (which is any day now), then they scatter to the surrounding houses. EEEWWWW! Every year, our cats do get a little fatter around this time, though. 🙂

  5. Yes, they do look for warmth. I went through that for about 15 seconds on fall. I now have a kitty cat and they won’t come near my house 😉 Good Luck!!

  6. Oh my! He had a few mice last year! I was so freaked out! Luckily, I learned it isn’t cleanliness (because seriously, I’m a neat freak.) It’s most weather and location. That’s why they pick houses! But ick, ick, ick! They are gross! Luckily, our dog caught one! And we trapped the other two, but my husband had to drown them! The traps didn’t kill them! It was horrible!

  7. Oh my goodness!!! We had a mouse in our old apartment once. I almost died!! The stupid thing ran across my foot!!! Hopefully your visitor leaves soon!!! XOXO

  8. I would TOTALLY freak out!
    Ugh, it gives me chillies just thinking about it!
    I hope the mouse does not return!

  9. Oh my gosh! I’m pretty sure if I saw a mouse … well, I don’t know what I’d do but it would probably involve tears!

    Hope it disappears soon!

  10. EEEKK! We had a mouse this summer, not fun. Here’s to wishing you much success on running that creature out of your house! (or, in more direct and gruesome language…here’s to wishing you much success in killing the furry monster!)

  11. Hahaha! I’m sorry. I don’t mean to laugh. But I’ve been in your situation. Last winter I had a mouse jump out of a box of dog cookies – it scared me half to death!

    And I totally agree – the sticky mousetraps are icky!

  12. We have mice in our house in Michigan. They’re in the walls and in the attic, and it grosses me out. It’s not because the house is dirty, it’s because they’re looking for somewhere warm to go, and once they get there, they multiply. Eww.

    Get mousetraps that snap and put peanut butter on as the bait. It NEVER fails. Trust me. And I totally freak out when I hear them…..that’s the Grouper’s department.

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