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A Practically Perfect Shopping List :-)

Hello my lovely readers! I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus, and let me say that I’ve enjoyed it. It’s nice to just sit back and read what others are writing without having to think of anything to post 🙂

Nothing exciting has been going on in the life of yours truly, but I felt like I needed to post something. To that end, I thought I’d share a little of what I’ve been shopping for this week…

WeatherWrap Bike Covers

My most recent purchase was two WeatherWrap bike covers from Brookstone. Our old covers must have been really poor quality. I just bought them in August, yet they’re already shredded to bits. Hopefully, these new ones will stand up a little better.

I renewed my RunAmerica VIP membership at I seriously love RoadRunnerSports, and the VIP club membership is on special right now for only $1.99. When you join, everything is 10% off, you get free shipping on every item, they price match, and the best part of all – if you buy a pair of shoes and wear them, go jogging in them, whatever, then decide you really don’t like them, they’ll allow you to exchange them for free if you do so within 60 days. How awesome is that?

Of course, once I had renewed my membership, I had to buy some stuff. I got this sports bra in green (to match my eyes, ha ha!). Let’s face it ladies, I am not small busted, and I needed a bra to keep stuff together while I was running. This one works quite well. I was a little nervous since it was a new brand to me, but the reviews were great. If you’re looking for a new sports bra, definitely give this one a try.

Some more great workout wear. These are super comfy and cool, which is basically all you can ask from a running pant, right?

Brooks makes the best running shoes, hands down. Anyone else who disagrees with me is welcome to, but I have worn Brooks since high school, and I love them. I got Chris hooked on them when we were married, and he only buys them, too. My dad, who has been running since he was 19 years old and does a marathon-distance run every year, will only wear Brooks. I’ll also say that they’re great for me as a nurse, being on my feet all day. Can you tell that I like them?

Last but not least, I bought this doggy bed for Bear. Bear is super picky about his bed – he’d rather sleep on the hard floor than sleep in the wrong kind of bed. His current bed is almost 3 years old and is some cheap-o thing that I got from Meijer on a whim one day. He fell in love with it, and even though we’ve tried to trade it out with other nicer, fancier beds, he keeps going back to the old one. It finally got to the point where his bed is basically falling apart, so I knew I needed to start looking. His current bed is one where he can sort of “nest” and curl into a ball. This one looked pretty similar, plus it has a Westie in it already. Maybe if Bear doesn’t like it, I can show him the picture and say “See! There’s one of your cousins, and he doesn’t seem to mind!” I’ll let you know how it works out 😉

What are some of your week’s purchases? Any of you have a die-hard loyalty to a running shoe that you want to share? Are any of your pets finicky about their sleeping arrangements, too?

Have a great Friday everyone!
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11 thoughts on “A Practically Perfect Shopping List :-)

  1. I definitely need to buy several of these bras. I have a large chest too and even buying smalls or mediums in normal sports bras does nothing for me. Thanks for sharing!!! XOXO

  2. Jenny, don’t know if you know this but I Always read your Blogs! Great way to keep up with you and all of your family. I’ve been buying Asics Gels for over 15 years. I’m due for a new pair, so I’m going to try your pair of Brooks out. I’ll let you know in a few months how the comparison goes. Aunt Pam

  3. so where did you get that sports bra from ? I am also not small in the chest area, i still haven’t found one that can hold everything together. I have to wear 2 when i go to volleyball practice.

  4. My and Big Man started jogging and I need a sports bra bad..I might have to try that! 🙂

  5. My carine Terrier is so picky about his beds – they have to be round beds… & if he's not in the beds, he likes for me to put my feet together so it forms a little circle & he'll sleep there… now that's picky!!! These spoiled babies!

  6. Great finds! I might need to invest in the sports bra! Our beast is beyond picky about where she thinks. But then again she thinks she is human!

  7. I can’t believe you had a dog bed that lasted for three years! Ours never seem to last, even the nice ones. You’ll have to do a review on this one after you’ve tested it out and let us know if it’s any good! 🙂

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