If you’re wanting a brief run-down of me by the numbers, look no further!

  • 32 = years old
  • 9 = years married to my wonderful husband, Chris
  • 8 = the number of times we’ve moved in those 9 years
  • 2 = how many children I have (Joe and Jack)
  • 3 = the number of US states I’ve lived in
  • 8 = how many years I’ve been blogging
  • 3 = the number of countries I’ve lived in
  • 1 = how many cups of tea (loose-leaf only, thanks!) I have each morning
  • 5 = how many sisters I have
  • 4 = how many brothers I have
  • 16 = number of nieces and nephews I have

If you’d like a slightly lengthier description of me, then read on…

I started my blog in 2006 as a way to keep in touch with my large family (I’m one of 10 children – we once calculated that this meant my mother had been pregnant for 7 1/2 years, bless her).  It grew from there as a way to learn about others, to meet new people, a source for expressing my thoughts and chronicling memories… truly, an online journal.

I’ve met wonderful people through this blog.  Some of my closest friendships started out with nothing more than a comment.  I’m thankful for those comments, those friends (some near, some far) and the opportunity to grow as a person and step outside my comfort zone.

This blog is a place where I write about what’s on my heart.  I share about our family, our travels, my like-dislike relationship with cooking and baking.  I use it as a place to work on my photography skills (or lack thereof!) and as a means of hopefully helping others who are going through similar life experiences.  One of the things that I’m really proud of with this blog is the way I’ve been able to help other American nurses who were looking to move to New Zealand.

Feel free to look at the top menu bar for posts about traveling in New Zealand, what it was like living there, and my collection of recipes (ever increasing!).  I love to hear from readers, so feel free to leave a comment or email me at mrs(dot)practicallyperfect(at)gmail(dot)com.

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your blog! My husband and I are looking into moving to NZ from Michigan. My husband is a GP physician and have had preliminary discussions with a med recruitment firm. He us exhausted by all if the added regulatory burdens in healthcare here for GPs. He dies more paperwork than seeing patients! There is much interest from NZ in bringing him there. Do most doctors like working in the Nz system?

  2. There are differences between nursing in the US and in NZ, but the basics are the same 🙂 It take a few weeks, as with any job, to get your feet under you and then you go from there. Within 6 months, you’ll barely notice the differences.

  3. Hi! Thanks for your info about getting your NZ RN. How is actually being a nurse in NZ? How is the transition from American nursing to NZ nursing? Is it much different? If you did blog about it I would love to read it. Thanks.

  4. Hello! I appreciate all of the details you put into getting your NZ RN. I didn’t see another blog about how it is to actually be an RN in New Zealand. If you have a blog for that can you give paste me the site so I can read about it? I am curious if it was a hard transition from American nursing to New Zealand nursing. Thanks!

  5. Hey,
    Found your blog while doing a search for graham crackers and nillas in NZ. We just moved to the South Island a couple weeks ago. Our American supply of nillas and graham crackers just ran out and I am very sad they don’t carry these products here. My almost three year old loves them!

    Oh, I’m a midwestern girl too. I grew up in Nebraska. Moved to NZ from Alabama though.

  6. Hello Jenny!
    I found your blog from expatfocus – very nice reading. My wife and I are ready for
    a move such as you and Chris did. Currently living in Lexington, KY with kids and would appreciate your advice in making the transition to NZ. With both of you from the states and now living and working in NZ – an ideal resource, been there done that! Looking forward to feedback. Thanks – Robert.
    PS – congratulations on having your son Joe.

  7. Hey. This is Sam and I just wanted you guys to know that I have my own shop now: Sam Snead’s House of Whiskey. Please have a look and check our Facebook also:). Hope to see you soon..

  8. Hi Jenny,
    I was just google-ing a Fatso alternative (none found, sadly) when I stumbled onto a link to your blog. I read and responded to your Fatso entry and then read some more. It started sounding so much like us!!! Then I thought, I MUST contact this person! Then I realised that you are an American nurse who just had a Baby. Hmmmmm….starting to sound familiar. Couldn’t find your hubbies name on the blog, so rang up my hubbie…sure enough! The “Chris and Jenny” from the philosophy dept. do indeed have a baby named JOE!
    HOW FUNNY! I think it is providential as I’ve been meaning to email you for MONTHS!!!! We MUST get together. As a “Philosophy Widow” with children I hope I can offer some of the same support that was offered me when I first started having babies. Perhaps you feel differently…but I have found that there is a culture all its own to being the wife of an academic. Feel free to email me at the address above when you have a moment. The kids are now on holiday and our days are much less structured. We’d love to have you and Joe come to us or we could meet you in the City. Whatever you’re feeling up to. Oooh, just realised….are you back to work???? ANyway, before I say good-bye…you MUST check out _Confessions of a Coffee Group Drop Out_ by Eleanor Black. SHe’s a friend of ours and has just published her first book. It’s a bit cynical…but GREAT for busting the perfectionist myths surrounding parenthood these days!!!! Cheers! Kaila 🙂

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