Anyone interested in free magazine subscriptions? A few months back I found out about this website, www.adperk.com, where you can watch brief videos to earn credits for free magazine subscriptions. I checked it out and was surprised that some of the videos are pretty interesting and are not long. It took me about 15 minutes to “earn” a subscription, and I just played the video in the background while doing other work on my laptop. I have already started getting “Good Housekeeping”, “Elle”, and “Popular Science”. Of course, I haven’t had any time to actually read any of the magazines, but I’m hopeful that I will in the near future!

Anyway, if you’re interested, check them out!

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1 thought on “AdPerk.com

  1. Jenny You ROCK!!!! I love doing stuff like this. I am on the American Consumer Survey Panel and e-rewards. E-rewards is great, you should join them. You earn dollars that you can redeem from certain stores. I got free blockbuster rentals, Borders gift card, Pier One gift card, etc…
    Did you need to download the media first?

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