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Adventures with Cloth Diapers, er, Nappies

Since I’m in New Zealand now, I’m just going to call them nappies instead of diapers, OK?  It’s getting too hard to go back and forth!

I plan to do a full review post on our experiences with cloth nappies at a later date, but I just had to share a little anecdote with you guys.  It involves Joe, Chris, and a cloth nappy.

We used disposables for the first 2 weeks after Joe was born.  There was a lot going on, and I didn’t want to do deal with cloth nappies until things had settled just a wee bit.  We started them up eventually, and so far I’m loving them.  Chris, however, has a different perspective 😉

Chris is not very familiar with changing nappies.  Just ask my sister Shelly, who can tell you stories about her son, Kyler, coming into the room with duct tape around his nappy after Chris ripped the velcro tabs off and got frustrated.  He’s done pretty well, though, and had just gotten the hang of disposables when I switched him to cloth.  I did a little “nappy tutorial” with him and he got the basics, but to ease the transition, I would still go in and get the clean cloth nappy set up for him whenever he had to do a change.  This involved putting the liner in and then placing a flushable liner on top.

Well, tonight, I decided it was time to cut the apron strings.  Time for him to fly solo.  Time for him to give it his best shot.

Just shy of 20 minutes later, he came back into the lounge, carrying Joe and looking rather harried.

“I am absolutely terrible at this!” he exclaimed as he handed Joe to me for his umpteenth feeding of the day.  I told him, “Practice makes perfect!”, then asked where he was going.

“I’ve got some cleaning up to do” he said, as he left the room.

Uh oh!

Turns out that he had forgotten to get the clean nappy ready before taking off the soiled one.  He got Joe cleaned up, put some rash cream on his bum, and then reached for the clean nappy {which I would normally have ready and waiting for him}.  Horror of horrors, he realized that there wasn’t one set up for him!  He knew that the clock was ticking.  We’ve already seen some of Joe’s fountain work when he’s left uncovered for too long.  Chris quickly put a cloth liner in a clean nappy and placed it on Joe, only to realize that he’d forgotten to put the disposable liner on first.  Off came the nappy, and as poor Chris tried to get the disposable liner in place, Joe decided he’d had enough of the open air and peed all over the place.  Time for a complete clothing change, for Joe and Chris!  It got on the wall, too, and Chris ended up having to do a full clean up and put even more rash cream on Joe once he was done.

But all in all, Chris is doing really well with the nappy changes.  We’ve also been really happy with the BumGenius 4.0 and the FuzziBunz one-size-fits-most (OSFM) nappies.  Once things settle a bit, I plan to give a full recap post.  I know, I know, you’re probably so excited that you can’t stand it, but you’ll have to wait just a little bit longer!

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5 thoughts on “Adventures with Cloth Diapers, er, Nappies

  1. this is funny! I remember those days when my little boys did the same. I also tried the cloth diapers too. Do they now have pads to place in them? I just had my first grandson last month and my daughter is thinking about using cloth diapers now.

  2. So funny! But, glad to hear that he is adjusting to them. I think this reinforces my choice to go with the all in one cloth diapers instead of the pockets. I think my husband will be much more comfortable with that.

  3. You all sound just like us! About 1.5 weeks in, we switched to cloth. I’m loving it – P had to adjust majorly. Now, though, because Ella was too small to fit our one-size and even most of our size-small Fuzzibunz/BumGenius – we inherited some Kissaluvs from a friend – and they’ve made it so much easier. She’s still in those and pre-folds till she’s big enough for the pockets, but P can handle the Kissaluvs.

  4. I am actually excited for the full review!! We are definitely planning on CDing and those are the two brands I am looking at.

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