…and I’m back

Hey everyone – I’m back from my break.  Miss me?

It was good to take some time off and step away from the computer for a few weeks.  I think I may do it more often!  I’ve done some more reading and spent time doing other things.  It was nice and relaxing 🙂  I’ve looked into taking some cooking classes or photography classes over here.  The unfortunate thing is that many of the photography classes meet on weekends, and I work every other one.  Also, a lot of the classes meet on the same day every week.  It can be hard to arrange my schedule to always get a specific day off, so I was happy to find several one-day cooking classes.  And, I may have found some friends who are interested in attending as well, so that will make it even more fun 🙂

We had some exciting news while I was on break – my brother Kent married his fiancee, for one thing, and my sister-in-law Nicki is engaged to her boyfriend {now fiance}, Preston!  All sorts of romantic going-ons!  We were sad to miss Kent’s wedding, but it being so soon after our arrival in New Zealand, it just wasn’t practical.  They understood and, in all honesty, I think that there were more than enough family members in attendance to make up for it.  As for Nicki and Preston, we aren’t sure when their wedding will take place but we’re really hoping that Chris or both of us will be able to make it home.  It just depends on the timing and how that fits in with Chris’ teaching schedule at the university.  So, we’ll see!

Kent + Brittney – unfortunately, Kent is leaving in just a few short weeks {he’s in the Air Force}, so we’ll definitely be thinking of them as they start married life with a separation so soon after the wedding!

Nicki + Preston

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