And Now, Introducing Chris, M.A., Ph.D.

What a great weekend! We had so much fun this past weekend spending time with Chris’ parents & gramma, Dr. Tom & Janice & Rosemary. Bear came along, too. First, Chris & I checked into our hotel in Indy, then we drove to the airport to pick up family. After that, we all went out to eat, then spent the evening celebrating Chris’ achievements & upcoming graduation. On Saturday, we all headed out to Lafayette & spent some time touring Purdue, checking out Chris’ office, etc. Graduation started at 2:30pm in Elliot Hall of Music. The line to get in was crushing, so we had Chris’ dad save a place for us while the ladies sat & chatted & Chris got into his line for commencement.

Commencement was not very long – only about 2 hours. We go to see Chris be hooded by his dissertation chair, Professor Michael Bergman. We were all so proud of him! Once commencement was over, we all stood outside and took pictures and Chris’ dad took LOTS of video with his new little Sony camcorder. Following that, we headed back to Indy where we again celebrated Chris’ achievements, this time at the Eagle’s Nest. We were joined by my parents, Dr. Bruce & Mary, and we all had a blast.

Our final day, Sunday, we celebrated Mother’s Day by going out for brunch at the Scholar’s Inn restaurant in downtown Indy. I would highly recommend this restaurant – it was very, very nice. We loved the ambiance, the food, the staff – all in all, it was great. Once brunch was over, we headed back to the hotel to relax & get ready for check-out, left around 3pm, headed over to PetsMart to get some stuff for Bear, and then dropped Chris’ family off at the airport. We were sad to see them go. Hopefully there will be some time this summer for a quick weekend trip to St. Simons Island so we can visit with them again.

As you can see, I’ve put some pictures & a video below to show bits of the weekend. I hope that you enjoy!

Chris’ “Graduation Corner” – his diploma, his “Dangerously Overeducated” mug (one of the gifts from his mom & dad), and his desk name-plate (my gift to him)

The silver bracelet that Chris’ parents bought me as an early graduation present, since they won’t be able to attend my commencement in August

Some other gifts that I don’t have photos of include my parents’ gift to Chris: candy, Cheerios mix, and other things – all of this was representative of the way that they have supported Chris throughout his graduate work. Anyone who knows my parents, particularly my mom, knows that they are GREAT about giving of themselves, and one way that they do this is through food. Chris has been the recipient of a lot of gustatory delights created by mom, and we both have appreciated this.

Also, Chris’ gramma gave him a commemorative coin, chocolates, and gave me some Estee Lauder perfume, make-up, and a beautiful bag. We both appreciated these items very much.

This is a video of Chris & his dad walking to get in line for commencement (Chris in the graduate’s line, Chris’ dad in the commencement line – he was holding our place).

Video of Chris receiving his doctoral hood and his diploma

Video of everyone stopping by our apartment briefly before heading back to Indy.

In case you haven’t figured it out already, Chris’ dad just got this video camera and was very enthralled by it, even if his technique was a little off! It was actually a “Mother’s Day gift”, according to my father-in-law, intended for Janice, but somehow it turned into an early Father’s Day gift to himself 🙂 We all got a kick out of how much he loved “Janice’s” gift!

This last video is of us in one of the suites, getting ready to head to Mother’s Day brunch.

Bear was often the focus of our attention, in case you couldn’t tell :-)Those mentioned in the video that you may not know include Murphy, Chris’ parents’ Westie, and Nicki, my sister-in-law. Poor Nicki got stranded in the Austin, TX airport after attending a friend’s wedding. The weather was so bad that her flight was canceled. Thankfully, she got a later flight out to Chicago.
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