Another Award :-)

Yay – another award! Thanks so much to Lindsey over at …and baby makes 3 for nominating me as a “Superior Scribbler”

Lindsey is new to the blogging world, so be sure to head over to her site, check it out, and give her a welcome 🙂 Thanks so much, Lindsey!

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3 thoughts on “Another Award :-)

  1. Hi Jenny. I just googled “if you’re not dutch, you’re not much” and found your blog and your September post about Dutch cookies, which was PERFECT as the whole reason I was using that phrase was to quote my husband’s grandfather, an Edema whose parents came over from the Netherlands, because he claims I will not be able to correctly make Dutch Christmas cookies because I am not Dutch! He is somewhat in jest of course, but I am determined to prove him completely wrong. Thanks so so much for the recipe! I will let you know if they pass! And if they don’t, I am sure it will be blamed completely on my Scottish ancestry and not on the recipe! Thanks so much. And congratulations on your award.

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