Apparently I Sound Swedish

Apparently to some, the Midwestern and Swedish accent are easily confused, or at least that’s what happened to me this weekend. I was at work at the hospital in Urgent Care, and one of the employees (whom I’d met the evening before) told me that at first, he’d thought that I was from Sweden. What?!?! He said that my blonde hair and high cheekbones made me look Swiss, and that he could tell that I wasn’t from New England by my accent. I’ll say this – since moving to New England, I’ve been told that I have a Southern accent and a Canadian accent (could those two be more different?), but never a Swiss accent. Of course, I think that everyone else in New England has the accent, not me (it’s like the letter “r” doesn’t exist up here). But I guess he wasn’t too far off – my grandparents are Dutch, and Holland is only a couple hundred miles south… 😉

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5 thoughts on “Apparently I Sound Swedish

  1. I’m Norweigan and when I was in Sweden somehow they could tell that I wsan’t a Swede despite the blonde hair and fair skin.

    A lot of Scandinavian and Dutch people live in the midwest so maybe that’s why that guy associated a midwestern accent with that area? People always just tell me I sound nasal, lol.

  2. People always tell me I look Swiss (because I am) but never have they mistaken my Southern accent for a Sweedish one (even though my Southern accent is practically non-existant). Even more odd, I date a Canadian…and no, Southern and Canadian accents could NOT be more different. Who are these people? Hahaha

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