April Showers…

…bring new nephews! Congratulations to Cindy + Dan + Ella (sister + brother-in-law + niece) on the upcoming addition to the family! This isn’t exactly breaking news – we’ve known about the new baby for awhile – but the fact that they are having a boy is a new piece of information. Now, I can start looking for little baby boy stuff! Here are some of the cute things that I’ve seen…
ikookie sleep suit in 100% organic cotton
Baby Ellema the Elephant 3-in-1 Travel Pet by ZoobiePets from LittleJetSet.com

And even though they aren’t exactly “boy clothes”, I still adore these booties that my niece Ella is wearing…

Original Booties from Yo My Booties!

It’s going to be fun shopping for this new little one!

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