At Last, My Lovely Piano is Whole Once Again

I’ve mentioned to some people about the piano my parents and uncle had a hand in getting for me for my BSN graduation. I’ve also mentioned how during the moving process, the piano was dismantled (the legs, lid, pedal lyre, and music desk were removed) and the movers were unable to put it back together again due to missing hardware. I won’t even get started on that, because I’m still so frustrated and irritated with that moving company. Moving on!

We had a piano tuner/rebuilder come to the house on Friday to put my piano back together again. He also tuned it up and did a minor repair on one of the pedals. I’ve been looking forward to having this piano for awhile and wanted to send pictures to my parents and uncle so they could see the piano in its new home. Here it is!

It was a previously owned piano, so it does have a bit of “character” in the woodwork. But that just makes it more interesting 🙂

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