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Before we moved to New Zealand, I wrangled a promise out of Chris that he would take me to Australia.  I even videotaped it so that he couldn’t renege, and I was very specific.  And then I lost the video.

Darn it.

So, guess who’s going to Australia?!

Not me 🙁  That would be my husband.  Yep, we’ve been in the country less than 2 months, and he’s leaving it and me to go present a paper at a conference in the land down under, which oddly enough is slightly North of here.  I’m so jealous.  Curses on you, you all-expenses-paid academic conferences that are too attractive to turn down!

**In his defense, Chris did offer to bring me along. I just wasn’t too keen on going to visit Sydney during winter while my husband was listening to conference talks all day long.  I’d rather wait!**

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6 thoughts on “Australia!

  1. Why didn’t the career fair in high school share anything about the jet-set lifestyle of a professor? I feel gypped 🙂

  2. Sydney is a great place to visit, but i’m sure you’ll enjoy it more in the spring/summer 🙂 i went there in October a couple years ago and it was already 30C there! (90 something F i think..)

  3. I totally understand the travel envy. The preppy boyfriend travels for work and he gets to go to all these wonderful places and eat these wonderful meals… and I’m at home eating popcorn 🙂 oh well… one day my friend we’ll travel to all the places we’ve ever wanted to go!

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