Baby Baby ~ 24 Weeks

Yesss, we’ve made it to the “point of viability”, and only 16 more weeks to go.  I can’t wait till it’s only double-digits for the “days remaining” in this baby countdown.


24 Weeks

So, I thought it was kind of funny how most of my photos were of me in maternity jean capris + black t-shirt… but now it’s really not a joke!  Apparently I am a huge creature of habit and by week’s end, this is all that’s decent-looking in my closet.  And I wear buns way too much 🙂

Here’s what’s been happening since the 22 week update

Weight Gain

I’ve lost 1/2 a pound over these last 2 weeks, but I’m still on track for a normal weight gain.  Midwives in NZ often don’t weigh you unless it’s an issue, and it’s not an issue for me.

Pregnancy Fitness

I’ve started up my prenatal fitness class one evening a week.  I was worried that I would be the most out-of-shape woman there, and I’m happy to report that I’m basically at the same level as everyone else.  There were around 12 women in our class and while it was a tough workout, it was also a lot of fun.  As far as I can tell from talking to other women, I’m the furthest along in the class.  It was the same instructor that I had when I did baby bootcamp last summer with Joe + other new mums, and she recognized me right off the bat.  I’m also going to the gym twice a week and doing a prenatal workout DVD (Erin O’Brien’s Prenatal Fitness Fix) on “off” days.  I recently checked out another prenatal fitness DVD from the library, just to try something different.  We’ll see how it goes.

Appetite, Aversions, and Cravings

Appetite is so-so.  I’m not having any aversions or nausea, for which I’m quite thankful.  Cravings?  I wouldn’t say that these are pregnancy-specific cravings because I always want them, but anyone who brings me chocolate would certainly earn extra points in my book 🙂


Oh, sleep.  I normally fall asleep just before midnight, am up at least once in the night, and then get up around 6/6:30am because of Joe.  There have been a few mornings where Chris has delayed going into the office till around 7:30am and taken care of Joe’s breakfast, letting me sleep a bit longer.  I really appreciate those mornings, especially when they’re on the same day or the day after I’ve worked an evening at the hospital.

Baby Movement

Lots and lots.

Pregnancy Brain and Weird Dreams

No weird dreams, but I’ve had a tendency lately to do things like get to the grocery store and even though I have a list, ignore the list or ignore certain items on it or not get the quantity that I needed (despite having written it on the list).  Urgh.

Other Odds and Ends

THINGS NOT TO SAY TO PREGNANT WOMEN: In the past 2 weeks I have had one friend come up to me and say, “Jenny – you’re huuuuuuge!“, complete with her pantomiming holding a giant belly.  I really didn’t know what to say except to laugh slightly awkwardly.  The other thing was courtesy of my midwife, who asked, “Now, how many weeks along are you?  Really?  Wow.  It’s amazing how much bigger you get the 2nd time around.”  Oh, those blunt midwives!  And here I thought that I was doing pretty well compared to the first pregnancy.  I’m still a few pounds shy of my first prenatal weight with Joe, so I’m not too put off by the comments.

POTTY TRAINING: I’m considering potty-training Joe before baby #2 arrives.  I’ve read some tips from a friend, sought advice from my mom and older sisters who’ve been through it, and have put several books on reserve at the library.  I’ve also requested a few toddler-directed potty training books to read to Joe, and requested two DVDs for him to watch.  One is an Elmo DVD and one is a Bear in the Big Blue House DVD.  I got the most horrible case of the giggles when I was reading the description on one of the DVDs, which included a listing of their “original songs”.  A song was entitled, “What’s That Smell?” and I couldn’t stop snorting with laughter.  Even now, I still crack up just thinking about it.  What a name for a song!  But more seriously, as much as I would love to have only 1 child in nappies at a time, I also don’t want to freak out Joe or stress him out, so we’ll just see how we go.  I probably won’t start for at least another month, month-and-a-half.

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7 thoughts on “Baby Baby ~ 24 Weeks

  1. Umm, lady, you look AWESOME! People forget that with a baby you are suppose to have a belly. Without it, we would be concerned! To me, there are few things more beautiful than a pregnant woman. 🙂 So those people should probably watch what they say.
    I once had an older, childless woman say to me “WOW! You have *that* much longer to go? Should you be this big already? I think you might go early.” And I refrained from punching her in the face, but I started to answer people just as bluntly… by saying “you know that there is about 8 pounds of human curled up inside of that tiny space, right?”

  2. BTW you look stunning and don’t worry about the comments. Your bump isn’t necessarily bigger, but your stomach muscles have been previously stretched so baby will be “sitting” more prominently.

  3. Be aware that potty training may take longer than 2 months to achieve, depending on the child. I had overlapping children in nappies and it’s not really too bad, and sometimes you just can’t rush a toddler who’s just not ready.

  4. You look lovely, such a gorgeous bump. Sometimes people just don’t think before they speak, even though you know they’re not being intentionally malicious. I’m short in the torso, so my bumps were always big because they had nowhere to go but out, and everyone seemed to think they had the right to judge the size. Not long to go now! X

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