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Baby, Baby ~ 32 Weeks

Hooray for being at 32 weeks!  Hopefully there are no more than 8 weeks remaining in this pregnancy journey.


Standing in our new apartment bathroom

Cropped out of the above photo is Joe’s little hand reaching desperately for the soap dispenser.  He loves to wash his hands!

Here’s how things have been going since the 30 week update

Pregnancy Weight Gain and Fitness

I gained a little more than the 1/2 pound I’d gained during the last update.  More like 4 1/2 pounds, to be precise.  Gulp.  I blame my marriage.  Nothing wrong there, but I decided to implement Thursday “Dessert Nights” about 6 weeks ago, where Chris and I kick back on the couch with a dessert and spend at least 30 minutes (usually longer) chatting without any TV or internet to distract us.  I get to make whatever dessert I want and lately, I’ve been entirely consumed with chocolate.  Thus, I blame my weight gain on our marriage and the “sacrifices” I make to ensure that it stays healthy 🙂  Perhaps we should change from Dessert Nights to Salad Nights… nah!

I’m not sure that I’ll be able to continue the once-weekly evening fitness class.  Without a vehicle, I’m reliant upon public transit (bus or taxi) to get to/from the gym where it’s held.  I didn’t go last week, but we’ll see about this week.  I don’t mind taking the bus there but am not comfortable waiting for a bus in the dark afterward.  I’m still going to the gym with Joe twice a week.  He loves being in the gym’s creche.  I’ve also made an effort to walk with Joe in the pram more frequently.  The recent cool-down has certainly helped in that regard.

Appetites, Aversions, and Cravings

As stated above, I’m craving chocolate.  And sugar.  I never drink soda or soft drinks but lately?  Lately I am always thinking about 7-Up or Sprite in the afternoon.  What’s going on with that?!  Perhaps I need to increase my protein intake to help combat sugar and carb cravings.  No aversions, but good ol’ heartburn is making itself felt.  All part and parcel of later-stage pregnancy.


Big news!  Chris had sinus surgery today and this will hopefully (eventually) help with his sinus infections and nighttime loud breathing.  There have been times where it sounded like I was sleeping next to this guy:

His surgery went well and he should be able to come home tomorrow.  Other than that, I’ve learned that I can’t have anything to drink past 8pm or I’ll be up multiple times in the night to visit the bathroom.  I’ve also started taking a magnesium tablet before bed.  I was advised to do this when pregnant with Joe and while skeptical at first, it did help me relax.  I started taking them again about 2 weeks ago and I’ve noticed a difference.  Placebo effect?  Quite possibly, but if it makes me sleep easier then I’m OK with being duped!

Pregnancy Brain and Weird Dreams

I had this great story of pregnancy brain and forgetfulness to tell you, but I’ve forgotten it.  I’m not kidding.  It’s there floating just beyond the outer edges of my recollection and I can almost grasp it, but it’s not there.  Perhaps it will come to me later.  I had a pretty crazy dream last night.  The evening prior was marred by me spotting a very tiny varicose/spider vein on one leg.  Egad!  All my midwife’s reminders about not crossing my legs came pouring in at once and I found myself wrinkling my nose at that pesky vein who’d dared make an appearance.  That night, I dreamt that I had terrible varicose veins – dark purple ones that looked absolutely awful, like some sort of alien spiderweb (are you getting the visual on that?).  I was glad to awaken and find that it was just that small one.  I suppose I should be happy that it’s only the one and not worse.

Other Odds and Ends

Nothing, really.  I have a midwife appointment this week.  I’m happy that we’ve been healthy and that all has gone well thus far, but I’m also antsy and itching to meet this new guy.  The name has pretty much been settled on and we regularly refer to him by it, but I told Chris that if he accidentally lets it slip (he did that with a few people when I was expecting Joe) that the next time I was pregnant, he would just have to wait till after the birth to find out what name I’d decided on 🙂  He laughed and said, “If there’s a next time”.  Trust me, if it’s within my power, there will be a next time!

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4 thoughts on “Baby, Baby ~ 32 Weeks

  1. My weight gain has been so odd. The first 14-15 weeks I was gaining literally no weight. Now I feel like I gain more than 1 pound, closer to 2 a week. I am 26 weeks now and up 18 pounds. Literally went from no weight gain to this! So I understand your flux in weeks!

  2. Look at you all glowy! It almost (but not) makes me want to consider number 5. I then remember that I NEVER glowed 😉 Ah if only the stork brought wee babies.

  3. 🙂 Cute pic! Your pregnancy seems to be passing so quickly – for me, anyway, since I only check in on the blogs I follow every so often! Guess what – we are coming home to NZ for a holiday! I am so excited! And I am procrastinating right now when I should be packing… we are hoping the warm weather lasts throughout our stay! We are so ready to play outdoors after a looong winter.

    Take care!

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