Bad Christian Bale!

Wow. That was all the husband and I could say after hearing Christian Bale’s rant at the director of photography on the set for the new Terminator flick (click on the link for the edited version). Seriously, he goes off for over 4 minutes, using the F-word at least 39 times (no, I didn’t count! It was in the article)!

In the background you can hear the poor director of photography apologizing, trying to explain. Whatever happened to the nice Christian Bale who played Laurie from “Little Women”?

Is it any surprise that only days later he was arrested for allegedly assaulting his mom and sister in a hotel? Good grief!

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2 thoughts on “Bad Christian Bale!

  1. I’m counting it as a bad day…. that was a pretty bad rant…but, I have days I’d be embarassed if someone caught me on tape too….

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