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Bad Mama Moment

I had a “bad mama moment” today.  I took Joe to boot camp, completely unaware that he had quite a high fever.  He’d been fussy and not sleeping well, but then again he’d been like that for the past 2 days.  I didn’t read much into it and decided to go ahead, catch the bus, and head to the park to work out with the other mums.

We got there a few minutes early.  Joe seemed to be doing OK, albeit a bit subdued.

*****I’ve been slowly introducing Joe to water in a sippy cup.  He never gets much out – maybe only a few mLs at a time – but we’re working on it.  I still want the majority of his fluids to come from breast milk*****

Joe enjoyed sitting with the other babies.  It’s fun to see how he compares – he’s the oldest one of the bunch.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that I wasn’t going to get much of a workout.  At one point, I was doing walking-lunges with Joe in my arms, hoping that this might keep him happy.  Eventually, we’d both had enough.  I packed it in and headed to the bus stop; we got on board and sat next to a rather interesting, elderly German woman who was full of stories about her marriage, her 3 children, her daughter’s eye surgery at the age of 9, her complications with gall stones, the fact that her husband was currently hospitalized – it was quite an informative journey and Joe seemed interested in everything she had to say.

Joe and I eventually got home and I was finally able to take his temperature: 39.6C {about 103.4F}.  He took some paracetamol {similar to acetaminophen} and slept for nearly 3 hours.  Once he woke up, we cuddled, read, and played, but it was obvious {to me} that he still wasn’t his usual self.

“Reading” a book, of course!

I tried a few other tricks before giving more paracetamol: cool bath, lots of nursing, giving him cool applesauce, and wiping him down with a cool cloth.  I took his temp a little while later, and it had gone up a smidgen more {39.7C}.  So, another lot of paracetamol, more nursing, more cool cloths, and eventually bed in his t-shirt and sleeveless summer-weight sleeping bag.

I felt badly for taking him out when he was ill.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell, and I hesitate to whip out the thermometer and do a rectal temp at the slightest appearance of a flush.  I know that I can get paranoid, and I suppose that this was a consequence of trying to avoid that.

Hopefully he’ll be feeling better tomorrow morning and, next week, we’ll be able to do the full boot camp workout 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Bad Mama Moment

  1. Sorry to hear that Jo is not feeling well. It’s so stink when your baby is sick… 🙁
    Miss G had a virus last month that sent her temps skyrocketing up to the 40s. I ended up taking her to ED b/c it was so high – and we did a combo of paracetemol/ibprofen to get it down staggered throughout the day. I think it lasted 5 days – I didn’t catch that at first either – until she was snuggly with me – then I knew she was unwell. She is usually Miss Independent!
    I ended up canceling my apt at the consulate w/ Miss G over the holidays – we were just too busy. I am hoping to get it done soon b/c we are heading stateside in June/July. I will let you know when I am up and perhaps we can meet for a coffee. 🙂 Always fun to meet another midwesterner in NZ. Take care! xx

  2. Sweet baby, sorry he isn’t feeling well! It happens to us all so don’t feel bad! Ryder was about 6 months old and had been fussy that morning and felt a tad warm, but not enough to make me want to take a rectal temp so we continued on to church and were there 15 minutes and they paged us bc he was snotty, running a fever burning up and I just felt like the worst mom ever!

    I had to laugh at the picture of Jie with the younger babies bc it’s the other way around for Brynley. In our play group, all the other babies are 8 months old and she’s the peanut who is 5 months.

  3. poor baby…hope he’s feeling better today

    You’re not a bad mom – its hard to tell – babies try to just keep on with life. Too much to do 🙂 He’ll be big enough soon to tell you when he’s not feeling well…

    I love the pic of all the babies… so adorable.

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