Bad Mama Moment

I had a “bad mama moment” today.  I took Joe to boot camp, completely unaware that he had quite a high fever.  He’d been fussy and not sleeping well, but then again he’d been like that for the past 2 days.  I didn’t read much into it and decided to go ahead, catch the bus, and head to the park to work out with the other mums.

We got there a few minutes early.  Joe seemed to be doing OK, albeit a bit subdued.

*****I’ve been slowly introducing Joe to water in a sippy cup.  He never gets much out – maybe only a few mLs at a time – but we’re working on it.  I still want the majority of his fluids to come from breast milk*****

Joe enjoyed sitting with the other babies.  It’s fun to see how he compares – he’s the oldest one of the bunch.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that I wasn’t going to get much of a workout.  At one point, I was doing walking-lunges with Joe in my arms, hoping that this might keep him happy.  Eventually, we’d both had enough.  I packed it in and headed to the bus stop; we got on board and sat next to a rather interesting, elderly German woman who was full of stories about her marriage, her 3 children, her daughter’s eye surgery at the age of 9, her complications with gall stones, the fact that her husband was currently hospitalized – it was quite an informative journey and Joe seemed interested in everything she had to say.

Joe and I eventually got home and I was finally able to take his temperature: 39.6C {about 103.4F}.  He took some paracetamol {similar to acetaminophen} and slept for nearly 3 hours.  Once he woke up, we cuddled, read, and played, but it was obvious {to me} that he still wasn’t his usual self.

“Reading” a book, of course!

I tried a few other tricks before giving more paracetamol: cool bath, lots of nursing, giving him cool applesauce, and wiping him down with a cool cloth.  I took his temp a little while later, and it had gone up a smidgen more {39.7C}.  So, another lot of paracetamol, more nursing, more cool cloths, and eventually bed in his t-shirt and sleeveless summer-weight sleeping bag.

I felt badly for taking him out when he was ill.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell, and I hesitate to whip out the thermometer and do a rectal temp at the slightest appearance of a flush.  I know that I can get paranoid, and I suppose that this was a consequence of trying to avoid that.

Hopefully he’ll be feeling better tomorrow morning and, next week, we’ll be able to do the full boot camp workout 🙂

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  1. Sarah says:

    Sorry to hear that Jo is not feeling well. It’s so stink when your baby is sick… 🙁
    Miss G had a virus last month that sent her temps skyrocketing up to the 40s. I ended up taking her to ED b/c it was so high – and we did a combo of paracetemol/ibprofen to get it down staggered throughout the day. I think it lasted 5 days – I didn’t catch that at first either – until she was snuggly with me – then I knew she was unwell. She is usually Miss Independent!
    I ended up canceling my apt at the consulate w/ Miss G over the holidays – we were just too busy. I am hoping to get it done soon b/c we are heading stateside in June/July. I will let you know when I am up and perhaps we can meet for a coffee. 🙂 Always fun to meet another midwesterner in NZ. Take care! xx

  2. Laura says:

    Sweet baby, sorry he isn’t feeling well! It happens to us all so don’t feel bad! Ryder was about 6 months old and had been fussy that morning and felt a tad warm, but not enough to make me want to take a rectal temp so we continued on to church and were there 15 minutes and they paged us bc he was snotty, running a fever burning up and I just felt like the worst mom ever!

    I had to laugh at the picture of Jie with the younger babies bc it’s the other way around for Brynley. In our play group, all the other babies are 8 months old and she’s the peanut who is 5 months.

  3. Rebecca Jo says:

    poor baby…hope he’s feeling better today

    You’re not a bad mom – its hard to tell – babies try to just keep on with life. Too much to do 🙂 He’ll be big enough soon to tell you when he’s not feeling well…

    I love the pic of all the babies… so adorable.

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