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Bag Lady

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One of the good things about living in the city is that you don’t necessarily need a car.  It’s nice to have and can make things more convenient, but it’s not required.  We’ll get a car eventually {walking to/from work late at night in downtown Auckland just isn’t smart!}, but in the meantime I enjoy the perks of being able to get around on foot.

One of those perks is that a routine task turns into exercise.  You might not think that’s a benefit, but I do!  Take “Going to the Grocery Store”.  Now you might say, “Hey, now – going to the grocery store isn’t that difficult.  That doesn’t count as exercise!”

I beg to differ.  Walking to the grocery store near us is no real difficulty.  It’s about a 1 mile walk downhill, and I have a great little shopping trolley that folds up, is sturdy, lightweight, and on wheels.  It looks like this…

Grocery Cart: Pre-Shopping Trip

Pretty handy, right?  I got it on sale at Briscoes.  It actually folds down to an even more compact size, but this is how it looks when you’re rolling it.  I happily trundle along, enjoying the sunshine and thinking about the things that I need.

I get to the grocery store, put my little shopping trolley and reusable bags in a “trundler” {what I would normally refer to as a shopping cart}, and make my selections.  I keep in mind that whatever I purchase is something that I have to literally cart back.  I go through the shopping queue, pay for my groceries, load them up into my shopping trolley, and begin the walk back.

That’s when things get interesting.  Remember that cart?  It now looks like this…

Grocery Cart: Post-Shopping Trip

That grocery bag on top is usually full, too.  And what was a nice, sunshiney, 1 mile stroll downhill has become a 1 mile trek uphill in the heat with all sorts of obstacles in my way: people, curbs, cafe tables, sea gulls, wheelbarrows filled with powdered cement…  Crossing the street?  Not as easy as before!  And you’d be amazed at how many people, seeing that you’re carting a heavy load behind you, expect you to move out of the way rather than both of you stepping a little to the side.  Perhaps I should start pushing my cart rather than pulling it.  That way, I can just run over the toes of anyone who won’t budge!

I’m only kidding of course.  Sort of.

It gives me a workout.  By the time I get home, I’m usually regretting not wearing layers and my arms are feelin’ the burn.  Even better is that, since I just burned some calories, I don’t have to feel as guilty eating the food that I bought.  Not bad, huh?  But that doesn’t mean that I’m above using Chris as a pack horse letting my husband go to the grocery with me 🙂

I should also add that the grocery store does have online shopping and delivery.  The delivery rates range from $7.95 – $14.95, with it costing more to deliver less.  Go figure!  I might check that out at some point, but for now I enjoy the walk.

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8 thoughts on “Bag Lady

  1. lol!! I think you should push your cart and run over their toes!! Think of how funny that would be to blog about!!! 🙂 But I do hear you! I live just under a mile from the grocery store, it’s all hills the hole way. I drive everytime… 🙂 Though I do wish I would start walking. I think if I went more often, instead of getting a whole trunkfull of stuff just once a month, then I could do it. You’ve inspired me! Maybe I’ll walk the next time… 🙂

  2. That is quite the shopping trip! I love the trolley bag though, perfect! I would have to do that when I was in Australia, the grocery store was less than a half mile away though so I didn’t have quite the trek you take, it makes you appreciate all the food you buy that much more though I know!

  3. I love your little shopping trolley! It doesn’t seem like you’d be able to get more than a few days worth of groceries in there though? Have a great weekend!

  4. Is it always sunny in Auckland? I know that is probably a stupid question, but I am going to ask anyways. I guess I am asking if you get winter. I have young kids and people always expect me to get out of their way when I am pushing them in a cart or their huge stroller. Since I know my kids are watching I don’t go with my instincts and just run them over!
    Sounds like great exercise!

  5. Wow! You’ve got a much better attitude than me… I can just see myself after the first 1 mile trek back uphill coming in the house crabby and hot with arms and hands sore saying NEVER, EVER AGAIN! hahaha…. alas you are much better suited for this adventure than I would be!

    Thanks for all the updates, it’s interesting to learn new slang!

  6. What a different experience!! Thanks so much for sharing these bits of your life that are quickly becoming commonplace for you, but are so interestingly (is that a word?) different from ours. Good luck with the shopping!

    Oh, and I’m all for pack horses! 😉 Cheers, Chris!

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