Well, Chris & I got back from visiting Shelly & Sam in Iowa, and we made it into Indiana not a day too soon. On Monday night around midnight, the snow started blowing in, and by the time it was all finished up (early Wednesday morning) we had gotten 17 inches of snow here. Chris & I have been stuck in our apartment since then, and the snow emergency is continuing till 5pm tonight. We are starting to get a little bit of cabin fever, and I think that I am coping with it a little better than Chris. That is not his fault, though. He really wanted to get up to Notre Dame, but because of impassable roads and the fact that they are ticketing anyone who is out without an emergent reason, he can’t drive there today. So, we are spending Valentine’s Day indoors! We have had fun taking Bear & Tobey for walks in the snow. They kind of look like little bunny rabbits when they start hopping through it 🙂 Tobey is usually Mr. Tough Guy, but not when it comes to the snow. I have had to walk back through the deep drifts several times to carry him through. Bear loves the snow and will charge headfirst into the drifts. It is cute to see them start walking through the snow, then suddenly hit a deep spot and be up to their ears and nose in it. Hopefully, the snow will all be cleared out by tomorrow!

Here are some photos of all the snow we have gotten:

Tobey standing in front of a snow drift

Some random person’s car buried in the snow

This picture doesn’t show it, but this snow was up half-way to my hip. The dogs are too light to sink in to the drift.

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