Boring, boring, boring

My life is boring right now. Very ho-hum. Various family members will call to ask what’s new, and I feel like I have to apologize because absolutely nothing is going on! I mean, sure, Chris is enjoying work at the college, but he’s also applying for different assistant professor positions elsewhere. I’m still rotating to different units @ the hospital, but everybody already knows that. Nothing exciting is coming up, except for some conferences that Chris has scheduled (exciting for him, not for me!) and our St. Thomas trip.

If it’s this boring now, I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like mid-February. Times like this are dangerous, because I get to thinking that maybe we should plan another vacation, and I start looking at all of the places we could go to and visit… hmm, maybe Costa Rica? Or Aruba (although I’ve heard it’s not really all that nice)… Something exciting better happen, quick!

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