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Bye, Bye, Bear

Well, Bear and our SUV are on their way to St. Simons Island, Georgia right now.  My mother-in-law flew in last night to take both of them home.

I’ve touched on this before, but I may not have been very clear.  We aren’t shipping our cars to New Zealand, and we aren’t taking Bear.  In regards to the cars, the steering column would need to be moved to the other side of the vehicle.  That’s a lot of work, and once it’s done we wouldn’t be allowed to sell our car for 5 years.  It makes more sense to buy a car in New Zealand, if in fact we actually need one.

As far as Bear goes, it was the nicer thing to do {for Bear} to leave him with my in-laws.  Bear would have had to go through some invasive medical tests and exams, fly for about 24 hours in cargo, be transported to a quarantine facility, and then be kept there for 30 days with minimal human contact {and don’t get me started on some of the things that I have heard that happen in those quarantine facilities – it can be terrible}.  He would not have been the same dog, and I thought it would have been selfish of me to make him go through all of that just so I could have him there.  We will also likely be making some long trips home after we’ve been in New Zealand for awhile, and we would have to board him during those times.  And just to show that we were thinking way ahead, what if we decided to come back to the US after 5 years?  Bear would be 10 1/2 years old, and he would have to go through the same process all over again.  That didn’t seem right.

He will love being with my in-laws.  My mother-in-law feeds their dogs Bil-Jac dog food {the kind made from real meat that is kept in the freezer} mixed in with chicken.  These dogs get walked all the time, have the run of the house, and sleep with my in-laws each night.  They are loved and spoiled, and I know that they’ll take great care of him.

It was still hard to give him up.  To make matters worse, while Bear was rough-housing with my parents’ dog on Monday, he injured his knee.  Turns out he has a partially ruptured ligament and may need surgery.  We’ve had Bear for 5 1/2 years and he’s never had an injury like that.  But 3 days before he has to go to his new home?  Of course that would be when it happens, wouldn’t it?

I’ll miss my little friend.  He was always so happy to see me and loved people.  He was sweet, cuddly, and a constant source of amusement.  I’ve cried about giving him up, but I’m glad that he has a good home.

And since I’m not one to sit around and wallow, I’ve decided that the best thing to be done is to keep busy.  Our flight leaves in 2 days, and I still have things to do: go to the store to stock up on travel necessities {I loved all of the suggestions you gave me – I’m using some of them!}, buy some snacks so that we don’t have to eat a bunch of airport food, and purchase a few more things that I’d like to have readily available once we get to New Zealand.

I’m looking forward to being in our new country and new city.  I’m excited to walk all over the place and explore the area.  There have been more delays in regards to my NZ RN registration, so I still don’t have a job lined up.  I’m planning to use the extra time to exercise, sight-see, and immerse myself in my new location.  I’ve had my moments of mini-meltdowns {particularly as regards my RN paperwork}, but I keep reminding myself how blessed I am: my husband is smart, has a great job, and loves me.  I get to move to New Zealand, the prettiest country on earth!  We’re both healthy and financially stable.  If for some reason I can’t get my NZ RN paperwork to go through, Chris is OK with me doing volunteer work or finding some other worthy occupation {I’m not too keen on that idea, but it’s nice to know that he would be alright with me not having a paying job}.

I will try to write one more post before we board the plane.  We are leaving on Saturday afternoon and won’t be arriving in eNZed till about 23 hours later provided that there are no delays.  I’m planning to carry our Flip camcorder and take some photos to share with all of you, my lovely readers.  Please keep us in your thoughts!

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15 thoughts on “Bye, Bye, Bear

  1. Ohhhh lady! 🙁 I’m so sorry you can’t take your little man, Bear, with you! I can understand why you made that decision tho. I’m not certain I would be able to decide to bring mine either (if ever I were put in that situation).
    HUGS your way!

  2. awww i’m sure it was so hard to say goodbye to him. i actually cried reading this! but it was the best thing and you’re such a great doggie owner to do that for him. i cannot believe the time is already here!

  3. 2 more days?! Wow, that really flew! I can’t imagine not taking my puppy with me. I think you guys made the right choice though!

  4. Oh my gosh, I cannot even imagine. But, it totally sounds like you guys made the right choice. Right doesn’t always equal easy though, that’s for sure. Good luck with the last of the packing and have a safe trip!

  5. I can only imagine how hard it is to leave Bear! At least you’ll know he’s being taken care of and loved in his new home. Sending good thoughts for safe travels to your new home!

  6. I can’t believe it’s time for y’all to move! crazy. And sorry you’re having to leave Bear but it definitely sounds like you’re doing the right thing. At least you’ll always know how he’s doing.

  7. Oh I would be inconsolible for days if I had to leave my dog Abby but you guys made the right choice! Good Luck to you on your travels can’t wait to read and see all in NZ.

  8. I’m so sorry for you and your dog. I would be so sad to have to leave my dog behind, but I’m with you I would never want to put my dog through all that drama!

    I hope you and Chris have safe travels!!!

    Can wait to hear about your sightseeing once you get there!!!

  9. Awww I’m so sorry you have to leave your little guy behind – but he’ll be in good hands until you get back!

    Can’t believe you’re leaving on Saturday!!! Wow! Can’t wait to hear your travel diaries 🙂

  10. So exciting for you! and I think you’re doing the right thing by bear too! he’ll be happy and safe and loved! We had to leave one of our dogs with the preppy boyfriends parents while we were in New York for a year… and that happened to be right about the same time she tore out her knee… it was sad and crazy and hard, but the preppy boyfriends parents loved bailey soo much that we knew she was in fantastic hands!

  11. I know that had to be a tough choice to give Bear to someone else or take him, but I agree that, given the circumstances, you did what was best for him. And at least you know he’s with family and someone who will love him as much as you did!
    Good luck with your travels. Can’t wait to hear about the new adventures in NZ!
    P.S.- Can I come visit? 😉

  12. I think you made a very thoughtful and caring decision for Bear. But that can’t make it any easier…

    Happy travels! See you on the other side!

  13. So sorry you had to give up your dog, but you are right. Its the best thing for Bear. We also gave our dog to my in-laws when we moved to Scotland and he loves it there. I don’t actually think he will want to move back in with us when we move back this summer because he likes living on their farm so much!
    I’ll be praying for you guys as you travel over there. I am so excited that you and Chris get to have this wonderful adventure!!

  14. Aww, that had to be so hard to give Bear up, but you’re not really “giving him up,” he’s still in the family!

    I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures in NZ! How exciting! I hope something works out for you on the job front, but I think you’ll definitely enjoy having that first little bit of time to ease into the new routine.

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