Bye Bye For Now

Hello My Lovely Readers,

I’ll be taking a leave-of-absence from my blog.  I’ll be reading and commenting, but no new posts for a little while.



P.S. People can still feel free to email me with questions regarding moving to New Zealand / becoming a nurse in New Zealand.

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18 thoughts on “Bye Bye For Now

  1. I just moved to Czech Republic from Florida. So if you wanna asked about moving far away from friends and family, don’t be shy 😉
    Happy break from the blogosphere!

  2. Even though I know you said you’re taking a break, you’re still the 1st website I go to after I check my e-mail in the morning. Habits are hard to break! I hope you know you’re missed!

  3. A break?! Oh no – you’ll be disrupting up my morning routine!! LOL! Really, I can totally understand a break from blogging so I hope you have a super leave-of-absence & come back fully refreshed (and full of funny stories & weird NZ news!). Thanks for the great blog entries thus far!


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