Can a Nurse be an Author?

I forgot to mention that a few weeks back, I was asked to write a guest “editorial” for RealityRN.com. I wasn’t so sure that anything I wrote would be all that interesting, especially since I haven’t had much (okay, any) career experience as a nurse. But, the VP of Development (or something like that) at the website said they were still interested.

I’ve heard that you should always write what you know, so that is what I did. I wrote about my experiences, opinions, thoughts, and feelings over the last 14 months of nursing school. The nursing program was a crazy whirlwind of a time, but it was so wonderful and I made some great friends. I loved every minute of it.

Again, I wasn’t sure that anyone would be that interested in what I had to say – I’m just a little nurse, after all! I was surprised when they wrote back to let me know that it would be published in a few days – with some “minor” editing (which turned out to be more like “moderate” editing, if you ask me – it sounds a bit more sentimental than what I’d intended). So if you decide to read it, please be kind – remember that I’m just an amateur and don’t aspire to be a full-fledged author 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Can a Nurse be an Author?

  1. What is the link for your first piece? you should post it so that it is easier for us to find and read!!!

    Congratulations 🙂

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