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Living in New Zealand: “Ports of Auckland” Tour and “Kiddie Consumerism”

Every month, Ports of Auckland and 360Discovery Cruises team up and offer free community tours around Waitemata Harbour. That’s right: free.  Obviously, at such a great price the tickets for these cruises go fast, and it’s recommended that you book early to avoid missing out. I’d heard of the PoA tours for awhile but kept… Read More Living in New Zealand: “Ports of Auckland” Tour and “Kiddie Consumerism”

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Do you see that? I’m not referring to the Sky Tower.  I’m referring to the other thing.  Do you see it?  No?  Here – let me point it out to you: You still don’t see it?!  Ugh.  Fine – I’ll zoom in: Do you see it now?!  That, my lovely readers, is a human being… Read More SkyJump

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Some Photos

Joe and I went on a pointless errand today.  Don’t you just love those?  When you get to your destination and you learn that the paperwork you were given is, in fact, not sufficient.  And then when you email the letting agent to let them know that you need different paperwork in order to get… Read More Some Photos

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Walking on Campus

Joe and I headed over to one of the local university campuses this past Saturday.  Chris was a representative for his department during the “Courses and Careers” day.  It’s a day where high school students are able to tour the university and learn about various majors available to them.  We decided to walk over and… Read More Walking on Campus

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Hiking Rangitoto While Pregnant? No Problem.

Living in New Zealand and experiencing a warm Christmas has meant changing up our traditions.  Instead of spending Christmas Eve day looking at snowfall and drinking hot cocoa, we decided to hike a volcano. Rangitoto is part of Auckland’s volcanic field and is some of “newest ground on earth”.  It’s only about 600 or 700… Read More Hiking Rangitoto While Pregnant? No Problem.

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Christmas in the Park, Drinking, and Dirty Diapers

On Saturday, Chris and I went to an Auckland event that’s been going on for the last 17 years – Christmas in the Park… This is a free concert sponsored by Coca-Cola and featuring several NZ artists, both old and new.  Since we’ve only been in NZ for about 7 months, every artist was new… Read More Christmas in the Park, Drinking, and Dirty Diapers

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