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We started “official” potty training about 5 1/2 weeks ago.  Joe was just over 21 months at that point and I was 32 weeks pregnant.  I thought it’d be nice to give it a try and, if possible, avoid having 2 little ones in nappies at the same time.  I kept telling myself (and the… Read More Potty-Training

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Missing from the stack are 2 items still on hold.  Can anyone say “first-time mother”? {We’re still in the research-only stage… no training just yet!}

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Living in New Zealand: Child and Parent Friendly

Many New Zealand businesses do a great job, in my opinion, of catering to families. Case in point: the parent room, or family room, or changing room, or whatever you want to call it. Changing stations with nappy bins underneath I know that there are changing rooms at many businesses in the States, but it’s… Read More Living in New Zealand: Child and Parent Friendly

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