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Bye, Bye, Bear

Well, Bear and our SUV are on their way to St. Simons Island, Georgia right now.  My mother-in-law flew in last night to take both of them home. I’ve touched on this before, but I may not have been very clear.  We aren’t shipping our cars to New Zealand, and we aren’t taking Bear.  In… Read More Bye, Bye, Bear

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A Dog’s Life

My dog has the ideal life.  Every day, he gets to play and eat and take walks.  And when he’s tired, he gets to laze on the couch and bask in the sunshine.  This is actually how Bear spends most of his day (here, or in a lap)… Oh, every now and then something will… Read More A Dog’s Life

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Three Completely Unrelated Items

First off, a huge “Welcome Back!” to my big little brother, E, who is newly arrived (yesterday morning) in the US after being in Iraq for nearly a year 🙂  I’m grateful for his safe return.  We’re planning on seeing him and my SIL, A, next weekend (the 25th – 27th).  For those of you… Read More Three Completely Unrelated Items

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Tobey’s Edible Playmate

Three days ago it was almost a normal Tuesday in the middle of January. It was cold and there was about 2 inches of snow on the ground as usual, but there was one very important difference. Since it has been unusually warm this winter, this Tuesday provided Tobey with his first real experience with… Read More Tobey’s Edible Playmate

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