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Here’s what happens when you’ve got too much on your mind: Yeah, my handheld blender is not supposed to look like that.  I made another batch of applesauce in the crockpot and was waiting  for it to finish.  For some reason, it went longer than usual and I was in a hurry.  Once it finally… Read More Whoops

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Friendly Canadians

I’m frequently asked if I’m a Canadian.  I think it’s most likely due to the fact that the majority of North American immigrants in New Zealand are from Canada as opposed to the States.  And besides, most Kiwis can’t tell our accents apart… kind of like how most Americans can’t tell the difference between a… Read More Friendly Canadians

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Our Next Vacation?

I subscribe to several coupon emails here in Auckland.  The quality of deals varies from day to day.  This one recently came through my inbox, and I couldn’t stop laughing: It certainly gives new meaning to the phrase “piggy back ride”!

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Stuff My Sweetie Says, or, “That Time My Husband Referred to me as an RV”

My husband has been great throughout this pregnancy.  Actually, he’s been fabulous.  But he’s still a guy, and we all know that, typically, guys aren’t quite as good as girls when it comes to sensitivity.  Chris is no different from the rest of his fellow man in this area. A few examples: – Asking me… Read More Stuff My Sweetie Says, or, “That Time My Husband Referred to me as an RV”

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Left Brain

My mom sent me this video, and it cracks me up!  The speaker is a Southern woman, and (1) I love the way she talks {reminds me of Steel Magnolias} and (2) I can so relate to what she says.  It’s really cute, especially if you’re married to, engaged to, or dating a left-brained kind… Read More Left Brain

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The Tale of the Tim Tam

Shortly after moving to New Zealand, Chris discovered a new favorite: the Tim Tam. Chris told me they were yummy and fellow bloggers assured me that I had to try them, but I wasn’t sure.  I took one look, turned up my nose, and said, “Ugh!  Looks like a bunch of over-processed, chemical-laden, highly preserved… Read More The Tale of the Tim Tam

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My brother Erik sent me this video and it is so funny.  I especially love the reaction of the husband & wife 🙂

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Saved by my Subconscious!

Apparently my subconscious is extremely protective of me. Allow me to offer up some examples (try not laugh)… (1) I visited my sister S just after finals during my freshman year at Purdue. She was living in Arizona at the time. The first night we get there, S gets the “brilliant” idea to scare me… Read More Saved by my Subconscious!

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