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Things Done Today: Called Hospitals + More Shopping!

Hello, my lovely readers 🙂  Well, day #2 is drawing to a close here in Auckland.  Today was fairly relaxed.  I slept for almost 12 hours last night after having been up for basically 24 hours in a row.  I slept for about 4 hours on the flight over but didn’t nap once we arrived. … Read More Things Done Today: Called Hospitals + More Shopping!

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Happy News

I am completely wide awake right now. Rather than continuing to toss and turn, I decided to get up and write about the happy news that I got today. First off, no, I’m not pregnant 🙂 I am, however, employed! I was jogging on the treadmill this morning when my cell started to ring. Normally… Read More Happy News

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Good News

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Today happens to be my day off, and after working straight through since Thursday and having 2 other RNs call in sick yesterday, I believe that I need it. I have some happy news about my family. One of my sisters lives in Iowa with her husband and 3 children. My BIL… Read More Good News

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Uncertain Economy

My thoughts and prayers are with my sister and BIL out in IA. My BIL found out today (his birthday) that he has been laid off indefinitely. This wasn’t a total shock, as his company did an earlier lay-off a few months back. Still, it’s a scary thing. Chris and I will definitely be praying… Read More Uncertain Economy

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Job Interview

Yesterday, Chris got a call, inviting him to interview for an assistant professor position at a university in Pennsylvania. The interview is set for this coming Saturday at 11am at one of the big conferences that take place each year for Chris’ line of work. It’s pretty common for schools to do the interviews at… Read More Job Interview

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A Cigarette + a Winter Coat + an Elevator

Today, I did a lot of walking and riding the elevators at work. Pretty typical, but with one exception… I’m in the basement and catch the elevator to head on up to 4. A guy gets in on 1, and I ask him which floor he’s headed to so that I can press the button.… Read More A Cigarette + a Winter Coat + an Elevator

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