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Settling into Williamsburg

I wish it were possible for me to upload some photos to share, but the laptop wireless router/modem/thingamajig is not working and our temporary accomodations are wireless only, so I’m left using the tablet and there aren’t any photos on there.  So I’ll just have to paint you a few pictures with words! Williamsburg is… Read More Settling into Williamsburg

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Weekly Update

I’m beginning to like this once-a-week blog posting.  There’s so much stuff going on these days that I just don’t have the time or energy to write more often than that! It’s less than 4 weeks till we leave for the UK.  I’m ready to be done with all of the prep work – the… Read More Weekly Update

Expat Focus, Moving – Avoiding Isolation

My February post for is up!  Click on over to read my suggestions for avoiding isolation and making friends when moving to a new country. If you’d like to read my other articles, then click on my columnist page.  I was shocked to see that my last article had over 800 reads – whoa!

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One of the most popular questions that I get regarding life in New Zealand is “How much does X cost?”, where “X” can be any number of things – gas, groceries, rent, etc.  I thought that it might be helpful to have a post that gave a sampling of what one might expect to pay… Read More Prices

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5 Months

Hey everyone.  It’s been 5 months in New Zealand – time for another post-move analysis! Job: Chris loves his, and I’m settling into mine.  I’ve gotten to know my co-workers a bit more and have formed some new friendships 🙂  Nurses in New Zealand travel a lot more than those in the States.  Many of… Read More 5 Months

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A mild, utterly unserious, and completely non-contagious case of homesickness blues

I miss Target And while we’re at it, I miss Walmart, Meijer, Sam’s Club, and Costco I miss being able to buy a new-release paperback book off the shelf for less than $40.00 {thank goodness for my Kindle!} I miss Trader Joe’s and Penzeys Spices I miss my SUV I miss cheap gasoline I miss… Read More A mild, utterly unserious, and completely non-contagious case of homesickness blues

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Commence Happy Dancing!

Our New Zealand visas have arrived! Praise God! This means that the university is now able to schedule the movers, purchase our plane tickets, arrange our rental housing, and set up the rental car.  Saying that I’m ecstatic might be an understatement!

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From Massachusetts to Indiana

Hello my lovely readers 🙂 I’ve missed you! I was shocked when I finally got onto Google Reader and saw that I had 500 posts to read. Gulp. Talk about intimidating! I’ve made it through 104 of them already today, and I haven’t decided yet whether that’s productive or pathetic, but I’m leaning towards pathetic.… Read More From Massachusetts to Indiana

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