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Honey Cola

This is one of my new favourite drinks: Honey Cola, by Pheonix Organics.  Pheonix is a New Zealand company and I’ve had several different flavours of their beverages, always with good results.  But when I saw this one at the Ceres Fresh Market, I was a bit skeptical.  I like honey, but I wondered how… Read More Honey Cola

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We spent Wednesday – Friday in Queenstown last week.  Let me share a little bit about our trip with you… Our “side” of fries at Pub on Wharf… more like a giant bucket ‘o chips! Somebody was very happy about all those carbs… Actually, I think he was just happy to see some food.  We… Read More Queenstown

New Zealand


I’m currently sitting on the couch of our hotel in Dunedin waaaay down in the South Island of New Zealand. Ah, Dunedin – the Edinburgh of Australasia. Yes, I said Edinburgh.  As in Edinburgh, Scotland.  As in nowhere near New Zealand.  I’ll spare you the super long history lesson, but the name Dunedin is actually… Read More Dunners

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Alright, blog people – I need suggestions for things to do in Dunedin! Did you know that even though I live in New Zealand and even though my Google Maps is set for NZ settings, the first “Dunedin” that pops up when I do a search is “Dunedin, Florida”?  I’m sure that it’s much warmer… Read More Dunedin?

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Living in New Zealand: A Health Statistics Comparison

I considered writing a “Living in New Zealand: Renting” post today, but decided against it after last week’s whining 🙂 Instead, I’m going to share what I consider to be some interesting, thought-provoking health statistics for both the United States (where I’m originally from) and for New Zealand.  There’s no real rhyme or reason for… Read More Living in New Zealand: A Health Statistics Comparison

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Friendly. Liveable. Expensive.

According to some recent surveys, New Zealand is, hands-down, the friendliest country on earth {click on image to go to report}. NZ is Friendliest Country on Earth according to HSBC Expat Explorer Auckland – where we live – was also recently ranked as “The World’s 10th Most Liveable City”.  Wellington – the capital – was… Read More Friendly. Liveable. Expensive.

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