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So You Wanna be a Nurse in New Zealand

For the most recent, updated version of this post, please click here. Hello, my lovely readers!  This post is geared towards internationally qualified nurses looking to work in New Zealand.  It’s very detailed and therefore very boring.  I recommend clicking “Mark As Read” right away unless you’re either (1) interested in becoming a nurse in… Read More So You Wanna be a Nurse in New Zealand

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Things Done Today: Called Hospitals + More Shopping!

Hello, my lovely readers 🙂  Well, day #2 is drawing to a close here in Auckland.  Today was fairly relaxed.  I slept for almost 12 hours last night after having been up for basically 24 hours in a row.  I slept for about 4 hours on the flight over but didn’t nap once we arrived. … Read More Things Done Today: Called Hospitals + More Shopping!

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Happy News

I am completely wide awake right now. Rather than continuing to toss and turn, I decided to get up and write about the happy news that I got today. First off, no, I’m not pregnant 🙂 I am, however, employed! I was jogging on the treadmill this morning when my cell started to ring. Normally… Read More Happy News

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Well, the good news is that I made it through hearing all of the assignments without bursting into tears. The not-so-good news? I was assigned to an acute inpatient women’s psychiatric floor. Psych nursing is not my favorite type of nursing, and I much prefer male patients to female patients. So, to be assigned to… Read More Assignment.

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You may remember me talking about how I’m in this 3 month rotation program for newly graduated RNs. Well, the program is almost over, and we’ll find out about our permanent placement by the end of the day tomorrow. I’m on pins & needles, I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m worried… basically, I’m just going crazy… Read More Waiting!

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I’m in this 3-month-new-RN-rotation-thing at the hospital where I work. It’s a brand new program that started September 29th and will finish on January 2nd. So far, I’ve rotated to acute inpatient psychiatry, urgent care, the spinal cord injury unit., and transitional care. I’ve attended workshops, conferences, rounded with the IV team, worked days, evenings,… Read More Rotating

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Travel Nursing

One thing that I think I would like to try at some point is travel nursing. “What is travel nursing?” you ask? This is a service provided by an agency that hires nurses (RNs or LPNs), then places them with a hospital that has contracted with that agency to fill positions on a unit that,… Read More Travel Nursing

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