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Post-Thanksgiving and Pre-Christmas

What a great Thanksgiving weekend.  We celebrated here at home in the afternoon and that evening, I went to the hospice house while Chris and the boys had dessert with neighbors.  We’ve had boatloads of turkey leftovers, some of which have already been transformed into turkey salad sandwiches, turkey broth, and turkey tetrazzini. The next… Read More Post-Thanksgiving and Pre-Christmas


Thankful For

In no particular order, here are some of the things for which I’m thankful… …Chris   …Parents, siblings, brothers- & sisters-in-law, nieces, & nephews …My in-laws …Having a job, especially considering the current economy…The fact that Chris has a job doing what he loves…Bear …Living in the United States of America…Freedom of speech…Living in a… Read More Thankful For

Thanksgiving, Turkeys

Three Turkeys

Thanksgiving is almost here, and apparently the turkeys in New England have decided to stage an escape… Proof of this point? Well, Chris got a bit of a surprise while getting in the car this morning. He noticed something moving, and three, count ’em, three turkeys were walking on the road that runs by our… Read More Three Turkeys

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