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August 2018

August has been a full month.  It was rewarding for me to have some time between semesters to relax, see family, spend time with friends, and do nothing.  Joe has enjoyed going to summer camp and we’ve taken a family trip to Washington, DC as well as a trip with me and the boys to… Read More August 2018

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Winston-Salem, NC

I took Joe and Jack on a mini-vacation to Winston-Salem, North Carolina this past weekend.  In good traffic it’s about a 4 hour drive.  With 2 little boys, it takes a bit longer :-/ On the drive down, I ended up having to stop 3 times – 3 times for a 4 hour drive!  I… Read More Winston-Salem, NC

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We spent Wednesday – Friday in Queenstown last week.  Let me share a little bit about our trip with you… Our “side” of fries at Pub on Wharf… more like a giant bucket ‘o chips! Somebody was very happy about all those carbs… Actually, I think he was just happy to see some food.  We… Read More Queenstown

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Alright, blog people – I need suggestions for things to do in Dunedin! Did you know that even though I live in New Zealand and even though my Google Maps is set for NZ settings, the first “Dunedin” that pops up when I do a search is “Dunedin, Florida”?  I’m sure that it’s much warmer… Read More Dunedin?

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We have about a month now before we head over to the States.  To be honest, I’m a bit nervous about it.  What will it be like?  Will I experience some reverse culture shock?  Will I drive my parents and in-laws crazy when we stay with them?! The answer to the last two questions is… Read More Nervous

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On Holiday

Hello, my lovely readers!  I’ll be taking a bit of a blogging break for the next week while we are on holiday in Paihia and the Bay of Islands.  I’m looking forward to exploring yet another area of New Zealand and spending time with my boys 🙂  In the meantime, you guys can amuse yourselves… Read More On Holiday

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Hiking Rangitoto While Pregnant? No Problem.

Living in New Zealand and experiencing a warm Christmas has meant changing up our traditions.  Instead of spending Christmas Eve day looking at snowfall and drinking hot cocoa, we decided to hike a volcano. Rangitoto is part of Auckland’s volcanic field and is some of “newest ground on earth”.  It’s only about 600 or 700… Read More Hiking Rangitoto While Pregnant? No Problem.

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12 days…

There are twelve days until we move to New Zealand. Twelve days, people.  As in, less than 2 weeks. Gulp. We’re still basking in the St. Thomas sunshine, but in preparation for this move, I’ve stocked up on some essential travel items: 1. Clothing – comfort is key, combined with the ability to layer.  I… Read More 12 days…

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