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2 Years

I’ve thought about updating this blog several times over the last 2 years.  Obviously, I didn’t.  When, after several months of thinking I put thought to action and attempted to log in, I found that I couldn’t.  After several sessions with the hosting service’s support desk, we finally ironed out the problem, and access was… Read More 2 Years



I’ve come to have a real appreciation for pollen since moving to Virginia.  Or perhaps more of a grudging respect.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the beautiful trees and flowers and plants we have here.  We live in the woods and I couldn’t be happier.  But I had no idea that pollen… Read More Pollen


Monday Post

I see articles like this and I’m reminded once again of one of the reasons why we moved back to the USA. We definitely got a little flak from people, both in-person and online, for choosing to move out of New Zealand, in part, because of the high cost of living.  Phrases such as, “You… Read More Monday Post



I’m so thankful – I was offered (and I accepted) a new job last Thursday evening.  I’m excited about this job for so many reasons – the opportunity to focus on prevention and primary medicine, being able to help and serve my patients, and working for a good company – but mostly, I’m in awe… Read More Thankful


Strawberries in Surry

It’s strawberry season here in Virginia, and we decided to take advantage of it this past weekend by heading over the river to Surry for some pick-your-own fun. Since it’s Mother’s Day weekend, we anticipated a higher-than-normal turnout at the farm.  We opted to catch an earlier ferry so that we would arrive at the… Read More Strawberries in Surry



Tonight is one of those nights where I look around the house and think, “Things are good.” I don’t mind the dirty clothes that Chris leaves on the living room floor.  Such a strange habit.  I don’t mind the toys that aren’t entirely put away.  Yes, there are a crumbs on the tablecloth.  I can… Read More Thankfulness

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The Piano

Happy Valentine’s Day! As a Valentine’s gift to you, let me introduce you to our new-to-us (but decidedly not new) piano! Yes, it’s a bit of a mess, but you know something?  It was cheap.  How cheap?  Free (even the chair was free – a side-of-the-road treasure I picked up!).  Does it look better now? … Read More The Piano


Good-Bye For Now

I’ve tried to write in order to explain what this feels like, this moving back to the USA, and I can’t.  There’s so much going through my head, and I find that I need to step away from the internet to process all of what I’m thinking and feeling.  I hope that I’ll be able… Read More Good-Bye For Now


Still Alive

It feels like more than 15 days have passed since my last blog post.  Lots has happened in that time-frame.  I’ll share more later but in the meantime, yes, I’m still alive and will hopefully have some updates soon.

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