A Wedding Video for Jenny

You’ve probably all seen this by now, but I had to post it.  Hello, it’s to a girl named Jenny and she’s marrying a guy named Joe!  As a Jenny myself and mother to a sweet boy named Joe, I knew it couldn’t go wrong. Also, I love Hugh Jackman’s sense of humor 🙂

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Ghost Chips

This is a quick 1-minute PSA put out by NZ Transport about stopping people from driving drunk.  It’s funny and a good example of the Maori/Pacific Island accent here in New Zealand 🙂  It’s a nice change from the typical drunk-driving PSAs…

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4 Months

Joe is 4 months old today. Unbelievable! You are such a sweet baby, Joe 🙂  You love to play and coo and smile.  You have started talking to us on a regular basis – you love to screech and trill and gurgle.  Sometimes, you shriek so loudly that you strain your throat and start to… Read More 4 Months

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Joe has decided that baths are actually quite nice.  His first bath was not a fun experience – he cried pretty much from the second his little bum hit the water. Since then, however, he has slowly realized that we aren’t trying to drown him, and that lounging in the water is something to be… Read More Bathtime

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Friendly Canadians

I’m frequently asked if I’m a Canadian.  I think it’s most likely due to the fact that the majority of North American immigrants in New Zealand are from Canada as opposed to the States.  And besides, most Kiwis can’t tell our accents apart… kind of like how most Americans can’t tell the difference between a… Read More Friendly Canadians


The Fun Theory

My sister Valerie shared this with me, and I think it’s so cool! Although honestly, I wonder if its fun + novelty that makes people more likely to do something.  I think that, after awhile, those piano keys would be a bit annoying!

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Left Brain

My mom sent me this video, and it cracks me up!  The speaker is a Southern woman, and (1) I love the way she talks {reminds me of Steel Magnolias} and (2) I can so relate to what she says.  It’s really cute, especially if you’re married to, engaged to, or dating a left-brained kind… Read More Left Brain

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Video + Pictures in New Zealand!

Hello, my lovely readers!  We made it to New Zealand, and so far, so good. The flights weren’t bad.  Honestly, the worst parts of the trip in terms of service and overall comfort were on the domestic side of things.  Once we were on our Air New Zealand flight, things were great.  There were plenty… Read More Video + Pictures in New Zealand!

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