Chairs & Rugs and Coffee Cup Mugs

Yay! Our furniture and things have arrived! Oh, how I loved seeing all of the boxes and furniture being unloaded into our house. When you go for 2 weeks with only an air mattress (granted, a very nice air mattress) for furniture, your feet begin to get a little sore.

I started doing a little bit of unpacking today amidst studying for the NCLEX. For the next few weeks, studying for the NCLEX will basically consume my life. Our house will have to wait, and I’ll use study breaks as time to unpack some boxes.

Like I said, I did do some unpacking today and I was so happy to see some of our lovely wedding gifts. We received so many beautiful things from all of our family and friends that we weren’t able to take them all with us when we moved into our last apartment. Many items had been in storage for the last 2 years, so seeing them again was like a mini-Christmas.

One of our Waterford Crystal champagne flutes – we didn’t register for them, but we were so delighted with them. They are really beautiful and we love using them around Christmastime.

One of the Waterford Crystal martini glasses. Again, we did not register for these, but I really like them!

We’ll also finally be able to display some of the beautiful gifts we’ve received. Before, we didn’t have much space. Now, we definitely have more room – I just need to convince Chris to let me buy some furniture to use to hold our china, crystal, and other pretty items. There is an antique fair coming up next month in Brimfield, MA, and I am hoping to go and find some nice things there.

Another thing I’m on the lookout for is rugs. I have been looking at different ones, but haven’t found any I want to purchase. I don’t want rugs that are so nice that people feel bad walking on them. I’d like to have some that I won’t worry about the occasional spill or slightly dirty feet. After all, we do have a dog and we hope to have people over for cookouts on our back porch. If you know of a store that has a good rug selection, please let me know!

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5 thoughts on “Chairs & Rugs and Coffee Cup Mugs

  1. so glad you got your furniture! what a relief. and you get to display all of your pretty things! can’t wait to see pictures!

  2. craigslist !!! Look on craigslist for furniture and rugs. I have bought many nice pieces of furniture this way and it cuts down on the cost. the furniture is used but usually you can find some really nice items for a lower cost, especially if people just want to get rid of it. for example, I found a chinese jewelry chest for seventy five dollars that is circa the early nineteen hundreds. Score!! And I’m a huge pottery barn freak and I find all sorts of items for half or less the cost, depending on waht it is. so there is my two cents! I am happy you got your furniture, it is nice to have one’s possessions at hand and good luck studying for the NCPlEx ??? whatever that is 🙂 probably something to do with nursing! and hey are you up for visitors eventually, maybe if you are up for it, I could perhaps come and visit you in november or january?? let me know just an idea nad it mmay or may not happen depending on our lives and how preschool/ the children,my husband, etc… how they all are!! so much to coordinate now nad be responsible for. you mom is like a goddess for managing all of you, your bro’s nad sis’s and a household and a husband, WOW!! great mom you have !!! okay, ong enough for now, more later

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