Chris is Back!

Joe and I have been home alone for the past several days while Chris traveled to… Virginia!

Yes, we were just in the States but Chris headed back over there for work-related travels.

We really missed him!  Having him gone made me realize a few things, probably the least-important of which was this:

Chris is – gasp – not the one who does this to the tube of toothpaste!

It’s true – we’ve been married for over 7 years and I’ve always assumed that Chris was the one who left the big gob of blue goop on the tube.  No, my friends – it’s me.  The tube was cleaned off on the morning of the day that he left, and this is what it looked like when he returned.

Oh well.  Learned something new about myself 🙂

Seriously, though – it’s great to have him back.  Our family isn’t complete without him here!


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  1. Laura says:

    Haha! Oh Jenny that’s too funny 🙂

    Glad he made it home safely and how funny to learn secrets about yourself. I found that I snack more when Scot is away on business trips (he comes back tonight) and I’ve mistaken some of his habits as mine like not rinsing the sink out after spitting toothpaste in the sink but found I must do this too! I guess when he’s home we are a team and he picks up my things too. I’ve realized just how many piles I can make lok

  2. Ashley says:

    ha! glad he is home! Did you wait to write about it until he is back so a weirdo didnt read your blog and then come break into your house? 2 nights ago It was windy and the dog kept barking and I was so scared and I wished I had never wrote about andrew being in the hospital on my blog (we never write on the internent when we go on vacation until we get back) and I was thinking that was dumb of me to announce on the blog I was home alone…

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