Chris & The Wrong Apartment

Shorly after we moved into our new apartment, something pretty funny happened to poor Chris. At the urging of my mom, I decided to write this one down…

Early one morning (around 7am), Chris was taking our 2 dogs for a walk around the complex. Now, keep in mind that we’d only been living in this apartment for approximately 1-2 months at that time. Based on what happened, I’m guessing that Chris’ mind was elsewhere that morning. It was early, and he was probably pondering some deep philosophical truth, or maybe wondering what he was going to eat for breakfast. Regardless, his mind was running on auto-pilot.

As he got to the apartment, he noticed that Bear & Tobey seemed to be really interested in sniffing the area. He didn’t dwell on it though, and started to open the door. Just as he was opening the door, he had a sudden inkling that something about it wasn’t right – our apartment has a distinct mat outside the door, and it wasn’t there. Before he fully realized what was happening, he had started to open the door and a dog from inside the apartment came bounding up to Chris. Bear & Tobey were of course delighted to see another dog, and all 3 canines started sniffing and greeting each other excitedly. Chris was trying to disentangle the puppies and “gracefully” exit, but he was having some trouble. He then realized that a woman was sitting on the couch, staring at him. She was completely wrapped in a blanket. Chris tried to make some sort of an apology, to which the woman replied “I would help you, but I’m completely naked under this blanket”. Chris said something like, “Uh, that’s okay, I’m so sorry, I’ll get out of here in second!” He finally managed to get the puppies outside the apartment and shut the door, but not before the other dog came running outside to join him! So now Chris is standing outside of a stranger’s apartment that he has just mistakenly entered, and he has to open the door again to let their dog back inside! When he opened the door, another person, this time a man, was coming out of the bathroom. Chris again apologized and gave him their dog, and exited as quickly as possible.

When Chris got back to the apartment, he told me the story. Of course I couldn’t stop laughing, imagining my husband walking into some strangers apartment first thing in the morning with our 2 dogs. Poor Chris 🙂

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