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Christmas Ornaments

Hi Friends 🙂  I wanted to share some of the lovely ornaments from our Christmas tree.  Enjoy!

This ornament was made the year that I was born
Christmas Angel
Some friends gave us a set of ivory ornaments they bought during a trip to Africa.  This camel is one of them.
 One of the ornaments we received at a wedding shower.  Isn’t it cute?
 The back of the wedding car ornament 🙂
 Another ornament we received at a wedding shower
Yummy-looking cupcake ornament that I got from Bella Chic Boutique  
 A glitzy reverse-teardrop ornament – also a wedding shower gift
 My talented sister-in-law, Becca, made this egg ornament for me.  She emptied the eggs, painted them, and attached the hooks + ribbons all by herself.  They’re so delicate, and I really love them.
The egg ornament that Becca made for Chris
My brother- and sister-in-law, Michael + Anna, gave us this flamingo ornament for our first Christmas 
 I love snowflake ornaments.  Here’s one of them – a glittery gold + glass creation
Another one of my snowflake ornaments 🙂
 And last but not least, a Willow Tree angel.  I really want to get the Willow Tree nativity set one year (hint, hint, Chris!)
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3 thoughts on “Christmas Ornaments

  1. I have the first “Christmas 1981” ornament- only it’s the 1982 version! It’s slightly different but very similar. I wonder how many parents that year bought that one!

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