Christmas, Presents

Christmas Presents

Do you realize that there are only 53 days left till Christmas? I was reading a post on my friend Janna’s blog, and she was expressing my sentiments exactly – it is soooo hard not to get caught up in buying a ton of presents for loved ones!

It’s bad enough when the person you’re shopping for is a difficult gift-getter, you know? Like Chris – you’d think he’d be easy, and he was when we first got married, but now it’s getting difficult. And to top it off, I’ve found out that some of the really special gifts that I was planning to get him have already been purchased for him – by my MIL! I love my MIL, but sometimes we think too much alike!

So, I’m looking at the usual stuff (Chris, if you’re reading this, don’t expect any hints!) and having a hard time not getting swept away in the idea of getting him lots of things.  I’ll let you know how it turns out 🙂

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