Bear, Classie Canines

Compatibility Appointment

We’re going to need to board Bear while we’re in St. Thomas (January 3rd – 10th). Being new to the area, I wanted to make sure that we selected a good place. I don’t need to put my dog in one of those places where they’re on carpeted floors, watching flat-screen doggy TV, but I don’t want some place crummy. I don’t want to be off on vacation, only to have Bear be miserable in “boarding school”.

Several people recommended Classie Canines, which is fairly close to where we live. I called them up on Saturday to make an appointment, and was told that we’d have to bring Bear in for a “compatibility appointment” first. Basically, they wanted to make sure that he could to get along with all of the other doggies 🙂 Considering the fact that Bear starts wagging his tail a mile a minute at the very sight of another dog, I figured he’d pass the appointment with flying colors. And he did 🙂 He even got a certificate verifying the fact. How cute is that? So, he’s all set to stay with them while we’re in St. Thomas, and I think he’ll have a blast.

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