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Congratulations, Sam!

Huge congrats to my brother-in-law Sam, who was recently offered and accepted a position with a great company in Illinois.  Sam is finishing his Masters in Engineering at Iowa State, and was laid off back in March 2009.  He and my sister maintained such a good attitude throughout all of this and were great examples of what it means to trust God in stressful circumstances.  While others might have folded under the pressure, they didn’t.  I’m so happy for them.  Please join me in wishing Sam a great big “congratulations” !

Sam – if I were there, I’d buy you a Dairy Queen ice cream cake to celebrate, but since you live about 7 hours away from us, this picture will have to suffice 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Congratulations, Sam!

  1. Congrats to your brother!!

    I’ve never had a cake from Dairy Queen… but then again, up here, they are only open for like 4 months of the year. 🙂

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