Control Issues

One thing that I am looking forward to is having a place to settle down for a little while. While I don’t mind moving around, I am getting tired of it. And Chris definitely is. During college, I was able to live in a house that my parents have bought in West Lafayette and only go home for summers, but poor Chris moved each year that he was in undergrad – that is 4 times, for those of you who can’t count 🙂 Then, he moved to Purdue for grad school and lived in a teensy tiny basement apartment that flooded and had mold. When I graduated, I started grad school at Ball State and moved in with my parents for a semester before Chris & I were married. After we were married, we moved to Elwood, IN so that we could commute (me to BSU, Chris to Purdue). When I decided to go back to school for nursing, we moved back to West Lafayette. We lived in a house there for a little less than a year, then we decided to move to the current apartment that we are in, where we have lived since August 1st, 2006.

At first, we were not sure how long we would be in this apartment. We thought that it might be for at least 1 year, depending on whether or not I got into Purdue’s accelerated BSN program or got in elsewhere, and whether or not Chris studied for a year at Notre Dame. As it worked out, Chris did study for a year at Notre Dame and stayed up there with a friend for 2-3 days out of the week, and I did get into Purdue’s program. So 1 year turned into 2 years, which is the longest that we have lived in one location since getting married.

So, I can’t WAIT to be in a place where I feel like it is not simply a stop-over until we get to the next place in our lives. Our apartment now is pretty barren, and I am someone who loves artwork and color and pretty things. My rooms growing up and in college were filled with lots of artwork, bright colors, etc. Ask any of my siblings and they will tell you that I was a fanatic about my room and my space looking put together and “nice”. Our apartment now literally has nothing on the walls (we are not allowed) and we have very brown furniture (hey, it was cheap!). I will say that we have a lot of things on our shelves – crystal, figurines, books, & gifts from family members (like the “Pawprints on my Heart” decorative Westie plate from Chris’ gramma!).

So anyway, what has brought this on? I guess it is because while we were in Paris we bought some artwork, and I have no where to put it! I knew when we bought it that it would have to wait to be on display, but still… I guess I am just feeling anxious about the future and wanting to have things settled. I would like to know where Chris is going to get a job so that I can know where we are going to move and how long we will be there. I have to keep reminding myself that God is in control and he knows what the future is going to be like, which includes where we are going to live and where Chris is going to work. But I so love to be in control! Grrrr.

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