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Conversations Between Me + Chris

Hello, my lovely readers!  All of our things have been boxed up and are on their way to California, where they’ll be loaded into a shipping container and sent across the big, blue ocean.  We should see them again in about, oh, 8 – 10 weeks!

In the midst of packing, I’ve found that organization is the key.  I’ve tried to plan and have things as well-ordered as possible.  This means doing a lot of thinking ahead, asking myself, “Will I need this sometime in the next 2 months?  If so, where the heck should I put it in order to make sure that it doesn’t get lost?”  I mentioned to Chris that there was some paperwork that I’d be taking out of the fireproof safe in order to have ready access to it once we’re in New Zealand, some of which included my vaccination records {these are often requested when hiring onto a hospital}.

Chris was in the process of organizing his junk paperwork, which was haphazardly carefully arranged on the kitchen table.  In the midst of this, the following conversation took place…

Chris – Jenny, don’t forget to get your medical paperwork.

Jenny – I’ve already got it.

Chris – No you don’t.  It’s there on the corner of the table.

Jenny – All of my paperwork is in my portfolio.

ChrisNoooo, it’s not.  Your vaccination records are right there.

Jenny – {goes over and looks at paperwork, looks at it, looks at Chris, and then says in a very dry tone…}  This is a vaccination record for rabies.  Just what are you trying to say?

Chris – What?  Oops! {nervous laugh} I must’ve gotten Bear’s paperwork mixed up with yours.

Jenny – Riiiight.  Because we all know that I’ve been vaccinated for rabies.

Chris – Well, there was that one incident…

Now, If I’d really been thinking, I would’ve made sure to brush my teeth with lots of toothpaste that night, snuck up behind him, and growled ferociously.  Would’ve served him right!  Alas, I’m not that creative 😉

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3 thoughts on “Conversations Between Me + Chris

  1. LOL. Poor Chris was probably just overwhelmed with getting ready to move…. right? LOL.

    PS. It would appear that I’m really behind in blog reading ((hence the three-week-ish behindness)).

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